~~Recipe List~~

Only the recipes are here. If you want to know how to fish, or how to make flour from wheat, read Guide 2.0. Everything is explained there.

Also, a Ctrl + F, Feature is usable, now with easier use, you can search any of these for convenience “Food, Materials, Building Sets, Shelters, Ladders, Mills, Misc. or Tools” They are Case sensitive, type them as they are shown above.



Wheat Bundle = 2 Wheat

Uncooked Bread = 1 Dough

Uncooked Corn Bread = 1 Corn + 1 Dough

Uncooked Pumpkin Pie = 1 Pumpkin +1 Dough

Uncooked Blueberry Pie = Dough + Blueberry (or Vice versa)

Fruitcake = Dough + Blueberry + Grape + Strawberry

Grape Juice = Glass Cup + Grape

Blueberry Juice = Glass Cup + Blueberry

Blueberry Pack(X4) = Pure Plastic + Blueberry + Blueberry + Blueberry + Blueberry

Strawberry Pack(X4) = Pure Plastic + Strawberry + Strawberry + Strawberry + Strawberry

Survival Pack = 1 Pure Plastic + 1 Canned Meat + 1 Bottled Water


Tied Metal Bar = 2 Scrap Metal

Bonded Metal Bar = 2 Burning Metal OR cook Tied Metal Bar

Brick Wall = 2 Piles of Bricks

Rope = 1 Stalk

Wooden Barricade = 2 Stock Wood

Glass Pane = 2 Glass

Engine = 2 Burning Metal + 1 Wire + 1 Rope + 1 Gasoline

Glass Cup = 1 Glass

Wet Sand = 1 Sand + Bucket Water

Clay = cook Wet Sand

Sand Block = 1 Wet sand + 1 Wet Sand

Sand Wall = 3 Sand Blocks Craft Item

Bio-Diesel = 1 Corn/Small Leaves (Process Item)

—Basic Buildings—

Makeshift Set = 1 Tied Metal bar + 3 Wooden Barricades
(Makeshift Gate, Makeshift Wall, Makeshift Corner)

Makeshift Brick Set = 3 Brick Walls + 1 Tied Metal Bar
(Makeshift Brick Gate, Makeshift Brick Wall, Makeshift Brick Corner)

Makeshift Wooden Dock = 1 Wooden Barricade + 3 Stock Wood

Makeshift Mill = 1 Tied Metal Bar+1 Wooden Barricade+1 Stock Wood

Dock Set = Bonded Metal Bar + Wooden Barricade + Wooden Barricade + Stock Wood + Stock wood

Adobe Set = Sand Wall + Sand Wall + Sand Wall + Sand Wall + Stock Wood + Stock Wood

Warehouse = 2 Tied Metal Bars+2 Wooden Barricades

—Stable Buildings—

Stable/Colony Set = 1 Bonded Metal bar + 3 Wooden Barricade
(Colony Gate, Stable Wall, Stable Corner)

Stable Warehouse = 2 Bonded Metal Bars + 2 Wooden Barricades

Stable Mill = Bonded Metal Bar + Bonded Metal Bar + Burning Metal + Stock Wood + Stock Wood

—Electric Buildings and Wiring Pliers—

Wiring Pliers = 1 Metal Blade + 1 Pure Plastic

Wired Brick Set = 3 Brick Walls + 1 Bonded Bar + 1 Circuit Board + 1 Wire
(Wired Brick Gate, Wired Brick Wall, Wired Brick Corner)

Wind Turbine/Solar Panel = 3 Bonded Metal Bars + 2 Wooden Barricades + 2 Stock Wood + 1 Circuit Board + 1 Wire

Electric Fence = 2 Bonded Metal Bars + 2 Stock Wood + 1 Circuit Board + 1 Wire (Not working)


Small Shelter = 2 Tied Metal Bars + 1 Wooden Barricade

Medium Shelter = 3 Tied Metal Bars + 1 Wooden Barricade+1 Glass Pane

Small Brick Shelter = 2 Brick Walls + 2 Bonded Metal Bars + 1 Stock Wood

Medium Brick Shelter = 3 Brick Walls + 2 Bonded Metal Bars + 2 Stock Wood


Stable Ladder = Bonded Metal Bar + Bonded Metal Bar + Stock Wood + Stock Wood + Nail

Small Stable Ladder = Bonded Metal Bar + Stock Wood + Stock Wood + Nail

Wooden Ladder = Stock Wood + Stock Wood + Stock Wood + Stock Wood + nail

Small Wooden Ladder = Stock Wood + Stock Wood + Stock Wood + Nail


Forge = 2 Piles of Bricks + 1 Scrap Metal + 2 Stock Wood

Sand Water Filter = 1 Tied Metal Bar + 1 Scrap Metal + 1 Pile of Sand

Greenhouse = 2 Bonded Metal Bars + 2 Stock Wood + 2 Glass Panes

Bed = 2 Bonded Metal Bars + 2 Stock Wood + 2 Wheat Bundles + 2 Rope


Makeshift Raft = 2 Stock Wood

Makeshift Car = 2 Bonded Metal Bars + 1 Wooden Barricade + 1 Engine + 1 Stock Wood

Motor Boat = 2 Bonded Metal Bars + 1 Burning Metal + 1 Engine + 2 Metal Blades

Skateboard = 2 Scrap Metal + 1 Stock Wood


Bucket = 1 Burning Metal+1 Rope

Faulty Lighter = 1 Discarded Plastic + Gasoline

Plastic Lighter = 1 Pure Plastic + Gasoline

Gas Container = 2 Pure Plastic + Gasoline

Crude Fishing Rod = Scrap Metal + String + String

Fishing Rod = Burning Metal + String + String

Radio/Clock = 2 Pure Plastic + 1 Circuit Board + 1 Wire

Scoped Rifle = 1 Scope + 1 Rifle

Scope = 1 Burning Metal + Glass

Torch = 1 Stock Wood + 1 Rope + 1 Gas


1,003 Responses to “~~Recipe List~~”

  1. πŸ˜› im figuring out how to make a large wall

    • randomdude Says:

      There are NO large walls, the large walls are the STABLE WALLS! Get it? Large wall=Stable Wall! Stable wall>Makeshift Wall

    • Macoy98 Says:

      Dude -.-” sorry i just started when i posted this get it?

    • spacefinder Says:

      i saw an invisible person and i am hunting him down so be carefull and i am telling the truth why 1 i got shot when i was alone in the server 2 i saw my solder got killed when it was peacful no one has sniper and no zombie 3 my whole base got bombed my a floating bomb 4 i saw him bomb again another zombie i am not crazy or wack job i am tellling the truth

      • spacefinder Says:

        anyone pls. respond if you saw the invisible person that is holding a bomb and shot you when there is no people

      • hey space, i know who your talking about, his name is Puffin123 (not sure about the 123, this was ages ago) but the first name is puffin, hes a pro hacker and delets EVERYTHING like with Build, rp, and fight he delted the whole map πŸ˜›

      • Gemmaster22 Says:

        that was probly a admin or guy with cloak gear & bomb grear

      • TerminatorUNLRASHED Says:

        Easy to explain. you died of huunger or thirst. The bomb, that was an oil barrel. Pobably someone was raiding you.

      • james2302 Says:

        spacefinder i got shot when i was getting wood and i was alone in the sever there no zombies around so i think it was the invisible person i got freaked out and left

      • spacefinder Says:

        my life was full and my hunger and thirst was full my walls were getting bombed and bobms goign at of no where

      • spacefinder Says:

        how to make bullet proof armor i forgot how to make 1

      • IK what you are talking about I got killed and I just started the server I just died and only me and a friend was in the game weird right

      • dude i know what ur talking about like im walking thru a desert alone and al of a sudden i get shot i look around and theres no one there

      • anonomouse Says:

        i didnt see anyone, i had full hunger/thirst, i tried to get materials and died!!!

      • k so i fell in the river at the farmland one and was keeping watch of my health to go on the stock wood jump and boom at 100% i died full health everything and my colony was rihgt next to me and saw no one

      • LiLAngryhawk Says:

        Happen to me twice but I found him when he loss his cover that ‘sis no ordinary player he is rarely prrson

      • NICHOLASBLUE821 Says:

        I think I know what you’re talking about..It’s this black figure(Looks like the slenderman model,but fully black)It stalks me and bombed my base when no one was around..

      • nobleteam1174 Says:

        it has happened to me alot so i had to hack in the map to take the bug out of that server.

      • teafulfireball Says:

        I’ve seen him… He killed my best guy… And we were just alone… No people on the server… Only me and my friend… I’ve see the invisible man with a bomb… Just through at my friend… And Boom… Never saw the invisible guy again…

      • macktro123 Says:

        hey guys im macktro123 im in a server my friends left and the other players i saw a bomb i got curious then it blow up no one is in the server but only me i see some zombies and im so alone then i go to the cave and try to find the LAZ 2 and AK47 then i saw a LAZ 2 floating in the air then i got shot and i saw someone join but not the invisible guy then when the guy join i think the invisible guy quit and im still curious if his still in the server

    • How do you make metal blades?

      • Well, you need a furnace, a hammer, and one scrap metal. you put the metal in the forge till it turns red. then you start whacking it with your hammer till it says ‘Sucsess’ down where your hammer icon should be. take it out and you’ve got one.

      • andypropwner Says:

        By using a hammer and putting a scrap metal on the a forge and it makes a metal blade

    • guys 1 little little question where THA heck can i find metal blade????

      • dacksplane200 Says:

        You don’t find em you make em

        1st.Get a Hammer (On Crates)
        2nd.Put Scrap Metal On The Forge
        3rd.Use ur hammer on the scrap metal when its burning metal already

      • NICHOLASBLUE821 Says:

        Gitis,you need a scrap metal,you put it on a forge,when it’s red,hammer it.May take several hammers
        Hammers are found in crates,A forge is made with 2 bricks,1 scrap,then 2 wood

    • Does anyone know how to make a bomb, or is it like a gas container ,if it is , what do you do to it to set it alight. Or if its a bomb, how do you make it?

    • AGuesting Says:

      Simple Fristly get TWO bricks And Create it

    • they should make a plane with 1 engine and make new parts like a wing and base of the plane and porpelor

    • draear23 Says:

      no large walls bud :/

    • your mother Says:

      Go clean your room it’s a mess.

  2. how do you get soil? i seached the map. i think you have to wet sand but i cant figure out bucket

  3. no large walls..only stable
    stableing them is just using bonded instead of tied

  4. and soil is foun in the seeds shop

  5. how do you make ur own zombie?

    • You have to plant a zombie seed and that is found in the seed shop at the start of a server

      • Ah but did you know there’s a secret place in the desert of the dead where you can get plastic metal and 10 zombie seeds?

      • almightydiodavid Says:

        No, I didn’t. Where is it?

      • its hidden in that strange… do i dare say Army base? thing covered in sand. you need something to help you jump up into a hole in the roof. Its hidden in there where you can also get a bit of metal and plastic.

      • killshot28 Says:

        Pretty vague. What map and where?

      • Desert of the Dead, Its explained about it a bit more in the Guide 2.0 page now.

      • o i know that place, is oppostie from the gas station on the map, and if you zoom out and put the gas station in the front, the secret place is in ur bottom right hand corner. (also its above where you get hammers and stuff) Better known as the Sand Caves…i think

    • Kacper1224 Says:

      plant a zombie seed(although as soon as its done…it will try 2 kill u

  6. soo just plant the seed den make barracks around it?

    • Make the barracks.cage,whatever first then plant it cause they grow kinda fast

    • in desert of the dead there was a glitch where i got infinte walls and gates etc. i double person spawned somehow

      • Blackbelt111 Says:

        Thats a action Replay aka a roblox virus

      • Um, an Action Replay is a game modifier, It hacks the game so that you get better stuff out of it. But for roblox, there is no action replay, changing as many values as the action replay does isn’t possible for roblox without completely crashing a server. I’ve used these things before and I know how they work, Plus they require certain codes to change different things. So Whatever this “action Replay” your talking about is, its obviously not a Real Action Replay

      • fang9999s Says:

        der i got the same thing :3 it glitches some times if you make enough it wont let you retool then you store it then re take ti out then use it agen πŸ˜€

      • Clockworksayshi Says:

        Dragon5293, Action Replay is for the DSi. Not ROBLOX. It is not a virus either, it is a game modifying cheat pack that you place inside of your system.

  7. falconscar Says:

    How can i make bread?
    I know how to get dough and bucket and all taht but I dont know how to cook it.

  8. almightydiodavid Says:

    One dough = one uncooked bread.
    And it is quite obvious that it isn’t a tool. :3

    • Actually in survival 303 i made a bread bomb heres how it worked i put gunpowder under about 9/10 peace’s of bread then i light it then i say “FREE BREAD” noob comes while hes eating it goes off and i laugh

    • You didn’t know there’s cornbread and Pumpkin pie? corn + dough craft item = uncooked cornbread. 5 servings pretty impressive. pumpkin + dough craft item = uncooked pumpkin Pie. 5 servings again its like the tuna only a lot easier to get.

      • almightydiodavid Says:

        Nope, I didn’t. But now, thanks to you, I added them.

      • apparently i know a lot of stuff that people sending messages to you guys didn’t. I play that game a lot. If it helps i can write a few guides, as in explaining buildings in detail where everything is etc, for the maps i have been in. 4 of them to be exact.

      • almightydiodavid Says:

        Yup. Make a guide. Details rule. If you keep being a cool guy like this, you can be an admin soon!

      • write a guide? as in… how? post it on my word press thing so you guys can check it out and see? If thats what you mean i can do that.

      • almightydiodavid Says:

        Like, you said you would write a guide anywhere to describe the maps.

      • Dragon5293 Says:

        Im still getting a bit more info on the maps just like the “hidden” special areas that im not quite sure i ought to put into the guide but ive got a somewhat good map guide going. It’ll be a while though before i post it on my wordpress acount mainly because my computer is going downhill i need to clear its hard drive then i’ll have everything up and raring to go.

  9. sal123345678910 Says:

    Put in all recipies please I love your game but i want toknow how to play it

  10. falconscar Says:

    There are some new things in the game

  11. Anyone know how to make a big bnoat or something which is like a seed shop shelf with glass surrounding it?

  12. lollololo9lfsdasdfsadfsdf Says:

    how you make cage and if there is no firtel soil is dere a way to make soil?……….and how you make barracks?

    send me a mssage


    • almightydiodavid Says:

      There isn’t a specific building like “Cage”, nor “Barracks”.
      You can make a cage with stock wood, scrap metal or anything and the barracks was an idea but I don’t think we need any more violence in this game.
      And no, there isn’t any way to make fertile soil but to take it from the seed shop.

  13. NeuroticBrit Says:

    please someone tell me how to make a greenhouse and a bucket im at the end of my thread!

  14. .......im not telling you my name Says:

    hey could someone tell me 1-all things used in greenhouse plz?

  15. .......im not telling you my name Says:

    i dont need to know how many just and item or 2 used in it

    • almightydiodavid Says:

      Well, probably there are 3, 4 or 5 items and it contains 1 or 2 Glass Panes.
      That’s the most accurate estimation I can tell you.

  16. Pie is fun to make. If you want to know how to make it I’ll give yo a hint: It involves dough and fruit.

  17. Ya. XD

  18. almightydiodavid Says:

    Go on…

    We’re waiting and eager to know all recipes. (because in my opinion a ROBLOXian has the rights to know all recipes and binkids isn’t about to share them with the people.)

  19. Nvm, I don’t know if to tell greenhouse, its epic and its epicnes would go away if everyone knew it…So im sorry but I won’t tell you right now ,maybe another time I do.

    • almightydiodavid Says:

      Remember: Guests are people who haven’t committed themselves fully to Roblox,
      Noobs are people who have, but the others wish they would have not,
      and the others (the “normal guys”) are the rest. And I guess only those guys are on this page.

      So tell us, you’re not telling it to Guests or Noobs.
      Really. Hopefully.
      The epicness will not go away.

    • AHAHAHAHAHAHA! its on the site now thanks to me!

  20. Really i cant understand the concept of zombie seeds. So it does what exactly is that how the zombies spawn a zombie plant. where’s the (cough) reality in that?

  21. ive been commenting a lot but i have to say this Ive got a good list of Ideas that im gonna post on the Ideas page in a comment soon.

  22. K i know for sure I was in the same server as garnold today so i know this is a guarantee. Stable Mill is fake. He tested that one. There IS a Large shelter but the Recipe is broken. It is pretty awesome though. Its exactly what all of us have been hoping for on something like a hut. Big enough to make a bed thing and put in it. and a fridge thing. Its also 2 story. Thats the most i can guarantee for now.

  23. Stable med shelter doesn’t work…At leats for me it doesnt.and I have tried plenty of times.

    P.S. Stalk isn’t made of corn…or is it? O_O

  24. ah yes i remembered This isn’t that usefull but some people do it anyway. Ever seen those wheels sitting around everywhere that seem pointless? well their for a skateboard. yeah a makeshift skateboard why? idk but its for a bit quicker travel. Recipe is 1 stock wood + 2 scrap metal. Idk if burning metal can be used in place but why would you use it if you can just make it with scrap?

  25. Here are the recipes for the new brick buildings.
    Brick Wall=2 Piles of Bricks.
    Brick Shelter=2 Brick Walls, 2 Bonded Metal Bars, and 1 Stock Wood.

    I’ll get Med. Brick Shelter later…

  26. zombielord88 Says:

    just wondering everyone here does know this isnt the colony or northern island right and its different then both

  27. Um, Shouldn’t the Brick wall be listed under materials? Ive tested everything on here and the brick wall is movable so its more like the tied metal bars and stuff. Also Ive heard a rumor that there is already Barricades made strictly from metal 0.o IDK if its true and a few friends of mine are testing it so we’ll see. We’re testing many combo’s of metal. Its not likely but we’re testing anyway.

    • almightydiodavid Says:

      Thanks, the Brick Wall has been replaced.

    • Dragon5293 Says:

      No no metal barricade from what we tried. heck we tried up to 20 peices of scrap metal and burning metal then combining both types and still got nothing. Doing a bit more extensive testing but still VERY unlikely.

  28. He’s working on the Radio again. Admins have to add it to your inventory since its not fully public yet. I’m not sure on its details I’ll keep you posted.

  29. Edit* I JUST USED A RADIO! its very cool its used for long distance communication but you need 2 of them and you both need to have it selected. making it a bit complicated. otherwise it works and its pretty nifty.

  30. Radio is now beta. Its almost done from what i know. The admins have gone nuts testing it. We’ll see.

  31. *facepalm* you fool I put the brick gates on the idea page THERE NOT IN THE GAME THERE A IDEA!

    • almightydiodavid Says:

      I’m sorry, but in editor page we can’t really see which page it is posted in. (We can, but I can’t really notice it.)

  32. Radios don’t work I tested them on a serevr with garnold πŸ˜€ and they dont work

  33. Oh nvm didnt see updated version

  34. Radios are epic. I tried it but it only works one time and then breaks πŸ˜›

  35. How come the guide soen’t say how to make lighters or anything?

    • almightydiodavid Says:

      The Recipe List lists the recipes, not the Guide.

      • Dragon5293 Says:

        although not most people actually use it since their first thing to do is make a forge there is a better lighter. Plastic lighter. 2pure plastic+ 1 gas. Not real useful unless your planing on moving your colony and need to transport a forge somewhere.

      • almightydiodavid Says:

        One pure plastic is enough.

      • Dragon5293 Says:

        Lol im an idiot i got confused on 2 different recipes 1 pure plastic makes the lighter 2 pure plastic and gas makes the gas container used to refuel vehicles. hope it helps if you didn’t know.

      • Dragon5293 Says:

        oh i see you added those.

  36. Dragon5293 Says:

    Machete= get a hammer, put a peice of metal on the fire wait till its burning then hit it. It makes a metal blade then craft into a tool and whala its a machete. yes its real.

  37. Dragon5293 Says:

    strange… it may be only in the “true” apocalypse game but in the secondary game *witch is exactly the same at the moment and i play it a lot because of the low amount of lag* the hammers work. I’ve also been messing with nails and random objects, mainly stuff made from wood. Idk if it says it for everything but i hit a nail and it said failed…

  38. Dragon5293 Says:

    ARGH, there was something that you still dont have on there but i cant think of what it is! RGH its like a building or something. Im really not sure. Or a tool. We’ll see D:<

    • Guys im not inactive so ill do some more stuff

      • Dragon5293 Says:

        Never said you were inactive all i could say was there IS something your missing. I STILL cant think of what its called though its on the tip of my tongue. Its way aggravating. and at my current state i cant get on roblox with this computer.

      • Dragon5293 Says:

        O.O i remembered what it looked like, i cant think of what its called and i haven’t seen one remade to this date, but its literally a huge shelter, made of wood and metal with a glass window, and a built in owner only door, it was a LONG time ago when this game was still on testscripter1s’ account, so it might not still be there if it was anything garnold did.

  39. Dragon5293 Says:

    Im getting a serious Vibe that its the skateboard but im not sure.

  40. jink47787 Says:

    Umm…where’s the solar panel and stuff?

  41. ……..Dragon…SHWUTUP YOU KNOW NOTHING APARENTLY…Don’t even know solar panels…

    • Dragon5293 Says:

      i dont actually i haven’t played this in about 4 months now so there My comps linux i CANT play therefore i have no idea whats new and whats old really

  42. garn needs to fix the craft script there is no metal bar (look in ce) and no jm I don’t use it to hack I just like to see how to make things

  43. WOOT new stuff
    Wiring Plyers – 1Metal Blade+ 1 Pure Plastic
    Wind Turbine/Solar Panel – 3Bonded Metal Bars+ 2Wooden Barricades+ 2Stock Wood+ 1Circuit Board+ 1Wire
    Tesla Water Filter – 1Bonded Metal Bar+ 1Scrap Metal+ 1Stock Wood+ 1Circuit Board+ 1Wire
    Electrric Fence – 2Bonded Metal Bars+ 2 Stock Wood+ 1Circuit Board+ 1wire

  44. Err… Gotgass your recipe for the solar panel/windmill doesn’t seem to be working….. are you sure that’s it?

  45. Sorry about the above name i messed it up…..

  46. The solar panel recipe doesn’t work…….

  47. zombielord88 Says:

    the solar panel recipe doesnt work

  48. Ty for the electrical stuff I was completley clueless! XD

  49. falconscar Says:

    You can also make a Makeshift wall(wooden one) from 1 tied metal and 3 brick walls!

  50. Wired Brick Gate- 2Bonded Metal Bars+ 1Brick wall+ 1Circuit Board+ 1Wire
    Wired Brick Wall- 1Bonded Metal Bars+ 2Brick Walls+ 1Circuit Board+ 1Wire

  51. i have the wire gate recipe its 2 bonded metal bars a brick wall and a circuit and wire (nonflamable)

  52. anyone knows the skateboard repice?

  53. chaoman12 Says:

    I hope this stays secret. I just met a few people. No clothes, brick headed, just joined, that could make a Brick Gate, wired. I mean, what the flip?…

  54. Swampert584 Says:

    I know the Wired Brick Wall/Gate recipies!!! BWAHAHAHA!! >:D

  55. swampert584 Says:

    I know the Wired Brick Gate/Wall recipies! >:D

  56. Dragon5293 Says:

    what is all the new stuff, and what does it do, Thanks to GotGass Im almost done getting around linux so i’ll be able to learn the new stuff! But im unfamiliar with the Whole Electricity Thing. What does it do? i mean yeah it powers stuff but, could i get a bit more of an explanation than just that? I’ll eventually learn the stuff myself (sorta) but for now Im pretty much reduced back to a noob.

  57. here is the working list on garn harbor :


    Wheat Bundle- 2 Wheat
    Uncooked Bread-1 Dough
    Uncooked Corn Bread-1 Corn+ 1 Dough
    Uncooked Pumpkin Pie-1 Pumpkin+1 Dough


    Tied Metal Bar-2 Scrap Metal
    Bonded Metal Bar-2 Burning Metal
    Brick Wall- 2 Piles of Bricks
    Rope-1 (Corn) Stalk
    Wooden Barricade-2 Stock Wood
    Glass Pane-2 Glass


    Makeshift Wall-1 Tied Metal Bar+3 Wooden Barricades
    Stable Wall-1 Bonded Metal Bar+3 Wooden Barricades
    Small Shelter-2 Tied Metal Bars+1 Wooden Barricade
    Stable Small Shelter-2 Bonded Metal Bars+1 Wooden Barricade
    Medium Shelter-3 Tied Metal Bars +1 Wooden Barricade+1 Glass Pane
    Small Brick Shelter-2 Brick Walls+2 Bonded Metal Bars+ 1 Stock Wood
    Medium Brick Shelter-3 Brick Walls+2 Bonded Metal Bars+2 Stock Wood

    Ladder-1 Tied Metal Bar+2 Stock Wood
    Makeshift Raft-2 Stock Wood
    Makeshift Gate/Dock-2 Tied Metal Bars+1 Wooden Barricade+1 Stock Wood
    Stable Gate-2 Bonded Metal Bars+1 Wooden Barricade
    Makeshift Warehouse-2 Tied Metal Bars+2 Wooden Barricades
    Stable Warehouse-2 Bonded Metal Bars+2 Wooden Barricades
    Forge-2 Piles of Bricks+1 Scrap Metal+2 Stock Wood w
    Makeshift Mill-1 Tied Metal Bar+1 Wooden Barricade+1 Stock Wood
    Sand Water Filter-1 Tied Metal Bar+1 Scrap Metal+1 Pile of Sand
    Greenhouse(huge credit to Dragon5293!)-2 Bonded Metal Bars+2 Stock Wood+2 Glass Panes
    Electric Fence – 2 Bonded Metal Bars+2 Stock Wood+1 Circuit Board+1 Wire
    Wiring Plyer – 1metal blade+pure plastic
    pure plastic = put discarded plastic in fire
    Wind turbine/solar panel -3 bonded metal bars + 2wooden barricades
    2stock wood+1circuit+1wire
    Wired Brick Gate- 2Bonded Metal Bars+ 1Brick wall+ 1Circuit Board+ 1Wire
    Wired Brick Wall- 1Bonded Metal Bars+ 2Brick Walls+ 1Circuit Board+ 1Wire

  58. hint : s0me 0f recipe like electric can’t use at another maps..

    if your electric fence didnt damage try putting battery near power box (white box)
    then use wiring plyers click on the battery,hold click,then release it at the power box.

    then your battery will become 0 you will need to recharge it with turbine wind or solar panel. to do it. click on the battery to check if it still full or empty . if empty move the battery to wind turbine/solar panel. find power box at the solar panel/turbine wind then place the battery at the power box after that. click on the power box use wiring plyers ,hold click the release it on battery. wait until the battery become full then start to place it on elec fences

  59. this guide is great!!! but stable gate recipie is wrong -2 Bonded Metal Bars+1 Wooden Barricade-this is shown above-it must be- 2 Bonded Metal Bars+1 Wooden Barricade+>>>1 Stock Wood<<<

  60. well I can’t help that the batteries won’t power the stuff you can talk to garn about that.

  61. I’m not getting the electric fence, isn’t it the same thing as wired brick wall???

  62. Dragon5293 Says:

    what are the wired walls and gates? are they sturdier or something?

    • kingofpwnage Says:

      The walls and gates are taller than the fence but the fence is more powerful but the walls/gates prevent climbers

    • there are wires on top. when the wall is connected to a battery, the wires will kill anyone that touches it.

    • wired walls and gates have wires on top and when they are connected to a battery the wires become charged and kill anyone that touches it.

  63. SnowCappedKnight Says:

    You should add some things to bulding which says “Flammable” or “Non-Flammable”

  64. omgomg hi snowcappedkight!

  65. how do you make metal blade?

  66. the new gate and wall resepyees r rong

  67. Dragon, reinforced wall/gate as wqell as makeshift one are flame able and provide defence only if you turn them in right direction bud couse no damage anyway, brickwalls/gates if conected to battery deal some electrical damage to enemies trying to jump across them, anyway there is a method to open the gate yourself. so in other words wired brick gate/wall is stiffer, harder to jump across and non-flameabe, ( i know that coz one noob was trying to burn them down with burnig stuff as well as with his own lighter.

  68. by the way, i’ll give you some advice how to make your life easier esecially if you are not good in remembering of reipes.

    its pretty simple thing but hard to think of, mainly, if ytou start to play some games like S:A or S:NI where there is a lot of recipes to think of, its pretty much a good thing to put the recipes you think may come in handy like eg. sand water filter, wired brick gate/wall, greenhouse, solar panel/wind turbine dowqbn on sheet may be few sheets of paper so you don’t have to minimise the game to check recipe just all you have to do is to look at paper (typical shool routine) and gather the items… i’m doing it for S:a as well as S:NI and i foud it helping alot…

  69. guy what is the recipe for makeshift brick gate and wall? i forgot all my recipe notepad in my computer gone… my baby brother delete it 😦

  70. Makeshift Gate = 2 Tied Metal Bar + Wooden Barricade + Stock Wood
    Makeshift Wall = Tied Metal Bar + 3 Wooden Barricade

  71. kingofpwnage Says:

    I’ve noticed that your wired gate recipe is wrong. I’ve tried it in game but it said nothing created, am I doing something wrong or is it just the guide?

  72. guys, are there any recipes for these new 2 cars included into S:A??? i haven’t seen any new standing outside so probably it a recipe, could you help me out and try to search for it.

  73. SnowCappedKnight Says:

    Is there a recipe for somekind of gun because I see some people with an unusual gun or smg thing… I dont know it looks like a “Deformed Gun” for me or is it a Glitched gun?

    • yansky1995 Says:

      i think the gun ur refering to is the one u find in crates on one (or more, only been on 3 maps so far) map, its g something.

    • ther is an gun its very limited it can bee fund only at 1 map idk the nabe but its that 1 with the flooded subway station the gun is magnum L-sniper (never got an chanse to grab 1)

  74. SnowCappedKnight Says:

    Lol and the comments are not really organized in a good way. Why should there be a long scroll going down anyway :/ Oh and sorry for the bad grammar im kinda Filipino πŸ˜›

  75. SnowCappedKnight Says:

    JMbomb ahtes me 😦

  76. Need motorboat and vehicle recipe NAO.

  77. kingofpwnage Says:

    Must have motor boat recipe D:<

  78. Guys, I think i have one step twoards the vehicle recipe, you burn truck/car/skateboard tires to get rubber, probably use for wheels on makeshift vehicle.

    • no really? i didn’t know it turned to rubber. your probably right, Binkids knows it but he hasn’t added it yet.

      • To make rubber do this:
        Put a car/truck by a fire and its tires will go red, then forage them, you can also use skateboard tires,but these are locked except for the front left I think,after you have rubber, craft 1 large molten rubber(car/truck tire rubber) or 2 molten rubber(skateboard wheels) into item so you can get shaped rubber.

  79. 1000 big josh bucks to the first person who comments the recpie for boat and car

  80. karateking2 Says:

    I got a recipe! it’s skateboard 1 stock wood and 1 scrap metal. but in lag its slower than walking lol

  81. I can’t believe my idea is being used!! LOL

  82. Alright. I’ll say this, the Makeshift brick walls are the same recipe as the wood ones, just replace Barricade with Brick wall and stock with Pile o’ Bricks. I still have yet to find out the Engine recipe thing

  83. i know motor boat and engine recipes but ill never tell :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD first to know :D…. jk but i know them πŸ˜€

  84. Um i tryed the Medium Brick Shelter amd it did not work

  85. 1 Tied metal=3 brick walls= makeshift brick wall

    2 tied metal+1 brick wall+1 pile o’ bricks=makeshift brick gate

  86. xdeathtollx Says:

    engine recipe is suprisingly simple. Motor Boat needs an engine. Engine is 5 parts, boat is 6. That is all i shall say O.o

  87. nicholasBe Says:

    hmmmm ty for telling me basic # of parts im gonna go experiment

  88. xdeathtollx, remember me? You taught me electricity and I finally got it πŸ˜€

  89. Ok i can make anything in mind know lol…

  90. how do you make the new cars

    • XDeathtollX Says:

      Im not even go to dignify that question with a proper answer. Instead i will present you with the mental picture of a rocket propelled duck

  91. zombielord88 Says:

    hmmmmm i have created the duck and it is ready for war

  92. barnabyray Says:

    Lawl rocket propelled duck? lmao…. hi Sypherio!!!! πŸ˜€ i need to figure out how to get tired off the cars and trucks..

  93. barnabyray Says:

    burn burn wire rope gas = engine

    I might post the boat recipe later… if i feel like it.

  94. how do you make moter boat…

  95. chaoman12 Says:

    Motor Boat uses wood. Thats all I’ll say for that.

  96. XDeathtollX Says:

    Ive heard rumours of two seperate recipes for the boat :O If you used metal blades in yours, say please

  97. SnowCappedKnight (bot3263) Says:

    The Creator of this site should arrange the comments into pages like in youtube, because its really such a long scroll down to reach the Reply Menu. πŸ˜›

  98. kingofpwnage Says:

    Wow guys, just share the recipes some people like me hardly ever look at forums because I have a strong belief that forums are inaccuare a ton plus there’s a ton of spam there so it’s hard to find things.

  99. kingofpwnage Says:

    Anyway guys I really need those recipes without them I’m just a.. a… a.. a picture of a rocket propelled duck!

    • XDeathtollX Says:

      Teh duck is ready for launch.

      • kingofpwnage Says:

        launching duck… Error error motor boat recipe found duck disarmed
        engine 2 burning metal-1 wire-1rope-1gas
        motor boat-2 bonded metal bar-1 wood barikad-1 engine-1 stock wood-1 shaped rubber

      • kingofpwnage Says:

        Duck has received more intel
        engine 2burning metal-1 wire-1rope-1gas
        motor boat-2 bonded metal bar-1 wood barikad-1 engine-1 stock wood-1 shaped rubber
        Put a car/truck by a fire and its tires will go red, then forage them, you can also use skateboard tires,but these are locked except for the front left I think, after you have rubber, craft 1 large molten rubber(car/truck tire rubber) or 2 molten rubber(skateboard wheels) into item so you can get shaped rubber.

  100. hey death can you give me another hint for engine

  101. since we have the engine, its still complicate to make a car??

  102. werty9713 Says:

    How do you make a boat? I saw someone speeding around with one and had a bunch of seats.

    • XDeathtollX Says:

      Alright, what you have to do is jump in the water, wait till you drown then the recipe will appear on your screen. If that doesn’t work then stop asking for recipes for three days. Magic huh?

      • XDeathtollX Says:

        Hints i will give but I’m not about to go spouting the rarer recipes for every man and his dog (and his dog’s fleas) to find.

  103. XDeathtollX Says:

    Can you make some kind of ‘VIP’ board on this? Would be nice to keep all the good recipes away from nooblets.

  104. yansky1995 Says:

    u guys need to maybe delete the rly old messages to reduce the size of the scroll, its easy to lose wht ur looking for

    • XDeathtollX Says:

      We have 878 comments overall, and some are ancient and redundant. Would be nice to chop down the number of comments on this, and the ideas, board.

  105. for ideas, you shoukd delate all relatives to the ideas put already on maind desc… they are useless now…

  106. XDeathtollX Says:

    Alright, who put the motor boat and engine recipes on the list. I will eat your soul.

  107. lol dont need to worry ….
    the recipe had already leaked on garnold guide replies

  108. Makeshift Vehicle: Bonded Metal Barricade Engine Stock Wood Shaped Rubber IN THAT ORDER NOT THAT AMOUNT!!!

  109. Oh and Engine is 2 Burning Metal 1 Wire 1 Rope 1 Gas

  110. Garnold Himself just gave it out

  111. eh, damit, the boat is going to be difficult…

  112. NeuroticBrit Says:

    i hate u people

    ”oooh we wont share the recipes to help the community, well let them struggle and ssuffer for hours tryin to learn them!!”

  113. thx tarath

  114. XDeathtollX Says:

    I have teh Caravan recipe found out, and written down.

  115. WTF? I tried to make an engine 5 different times, and it failed every time. Instead it just made a tied metal bar. What gives?

    • That’s because you let the metal cool back to scrap metal. I know this from past experience and common knowledge. Scrap Metal + Scrap Metal = Tied Metal Bar. If you perform the recipe wrong with two burning metal, you’ll even get a Bonded Metal Bar. Make sure the metal is burning before you click Create Tool =]

  116. Polarsky10 Says:

    uhh oyu forgot to add rusty etal bar and i need to knwo how to make it help but all of it great

  117. how do you make shaped plastic?

  118. bigshow756 Says:

    skatebord:stockwood scrap metal


  120. ok… how do you make shaped rubber then?

  121. XDeathtollX Says:

    I don’t see why this site has become just another place to go to get every recipe. Can we please stop posting the very latest recipes, at least give people a couple of weeks to work the new ones out.

  122. How do you get the rubber from the cars? forage? use a tool? please help me with this

  123. Gotgass pm me da stoof, but accept my FR so ou can pm me.

  124. somone just please tell me how to make rubber, thats ALL I need

    • to make rubber i found this was quite weird tho but to do it i got a skateboard then i rode past a forge and 1 of my wheels turnt square and it was burnin then it stopped burnin, after that i forged it and it was rubber

  125. howdo you make teh fire thing


  127. Darkoddjoke Says:

    Like gray asked, How do you make rubber? You tell us how to make an engine, but not rubber. Or do you get it in a box? I guess you cut it with a machette.

  128. Ok guys…. here i’ll tell you everything i knoes

    Bucket- 1 Burning Metal+1 Rope
    Faulty Lighter-1 Discarded Plastic + Gasoline
    Plastic Lighter-1 Pure Plastic+ Gasoline
    Gas Container-2 Pure Plastic+Gasoline
    Wiring Plyers-1 Metal Blade+1 Pure Plastic


    Makeshift Wall-1 Tied Metal Bar+3 Wooden Barricades
    Stable Wall-1 Bonded Metal Bar+3 Wooden Barricades
    Small Shelter-2 Tied Metal Bars+1 Wooden Barricade
    Stable Small Shelter-2 Bonded Metal Bars+1 Wooden Barricade
    Medium Shelter-3 Tied Metal Bars +1 Wooden Barricade+1 Glass Pane
    Small Brick Shelter-2 Brick Walls+2 Bonded Metal Bars+ 1 Stock Wood
    Medium Brick Shelter-3 Brick Walls+2 Bonded Metal Bars+2 Stock Wood

    Ladder-1 Tied Metal Bar+2 Stock Wood
    Makeshift Raft-2 Stock Wood
    Makeshift Gate/Dock-2 Tied Metal Bars+1 Wooden Barricade+1 Stock Wood
    Stable Gate-2 Bonded Metal Bars+1 Wooden Barricade+1 stock wood
    Makeshift Warehouse-2 Tied Metal Bars+2 Wooden Barricades
    Stable Warehouse-2 Bonded Metal Bars+2 Wooden Barricades
    Forge-2 Piles of Bricks+1 Scrap Metal+2 Stock Wood
    Makeshift Mill-1 Tied Metal Bar+1 Wooden Barricade+1 Stock Wood
    Sand Water Filter-1 Tied Metal Bar+1 Scrap Metal+1 Pile of Sand
    Greenhouse -2 Bonded Metal Bars+2 Stock Wood+2 Glass Panes
    Electric Fence – 2 Bonded Metal Bars+2 Stock Wood+1 Circuit Board+1 Wire
    Wind turbine/solar panel -3 bonded metal bars + 2wooden barricades
    2stock wood+1circuit+1wire
    Wired Brick Gate- 2Bonded Metal Bars+ 1Brick wall+ 1Circuit Board+ 1Wire
    Wired Brick Wall- 1Bonded Metal Bars+ 2Brick Walls+ 1Circuit Board+ 1Wire
    Tesla Water Filter-1 Bonded Metal Bar+1 Scrap Metal+1 Stock Wood+1 Circuit Board+1 Wire
    Makeshift Brick Gate-2tied Metal Bars+1Brick Wall+1piles of Brick
    Makeshift Brick Wall-1 Tied Metal Bar+3 Brick Wall
    engine 2burning metal-1 wire-1rope-1gas
    motor boat-2 bonded metal bar-1 wood barricade-1 engine-1 stock wood-1 shaped rubber
    Stable Mill-1Bonded Metal Bar+1Wooden Barricades+1stock wood
    Brick Shelter -2 Brick Walls, 2 Bonded Metal Bars, and 1 Stock Wood
    Medium Brick Shelter: 3 Brick Walls, 2 Bonded Metal Bars, and 2 Stock Wood
    Makeshift Vehicle: 1Bonded Metal +01Barricade +1Engine+ 1Stock Wood+1 Shaped Rubber (i dunno if this one work or not)

    • one thing… i cant make stable mill.. i think is a scam..
      see and make carefully or i write it wrong(notebook has wrote and stable mill which cant work at all)… being humiliation is bad..

  129. sry i got the vehicle’s real recipe nows… it 2bonded metal bar + 1Barricade + 1Engine+1stock wood+1shaped Rubber

  130. kingofpwnage Says:

    Hey can someone pm me caravan this is my real roblox account name

  131. tell me the recipe of the Caravan plz

  132. well thx for the recipes.. i going here sometime.. to sure got new things or nothing..

    thx for recipe


    alfieq(real roblox player)

  133. where do you get wire and Circuit Board?

  134. xxDARKSTERxx Says:

    I’ll tell a hint for caravan.
    Craft two wooden barricades into an item,it gives u….(just creating some suspense)

  135. Caravan is simple people. Just gotta know the one other thing mentioned above and figure out what else you need. Its really a no DUR but still for those who dont know the 2 barricades makes an object added LAST to the recipe for caravan.

  136. Darkoddjoke Says:

    Okay I know you get rubber from cars when they get torn, but then how do you shape it? I tried making the boat when the tire was molten, but it gave me a small stable shelter. Now wh does it make a shelter when it includes an engine?! The game is messed up, but you need to tell us how to shape rubber.

    • oooh i can’t withstand such names for this awsome game… to get shaped rubber its something to do with tool No 2… figure out wht is it xD

    • glitch with the stable shelter thing lol but shaped rubber… um lets see. Im really only familiar with getting it directly from 2 skateboard tires but for truck tires i think it needs to be molten or whatever on a fire then craft a item

      • Darkoddjoke Says:

        Thanks. So you craft two torn, molten, skateboard tires, or one torn, molten, truck tire. Thanks. I will test this.

  137. SnowCappedKnight (bot3263) Says:

    How come the recipe for Makeshift Vehicle is called Motor Boat? Man thats just wierd…

  138. If you know the Caravan recipe, will you at least tell me how many parts there are in it total?

  139. macedonianelite Says:

    LOL???!?!?!?! i can make everything thanks to this web but change the motor boat one to makeshift viechle

  140. Guys!! K, how to make…. RUBBER so stop asking!! Make a fire(forge would be the best) make 1 or 2 skateboards(depending if the wheels are still locked) and burn it. When it turns redish, craft them into items(2 rubber from skateboard = Shaped Rubber).

    1. Get fire
    2. Get 2 wheels from skateboard OR 1 wheel from a car
    3. Put them beside the fire
    4. Wait for them to burn
    5. Use Create Item to make it into shaped rubber
    6. Use it for what-ever-you-want…. =p

    • how to make the motor boat if the recipe is changed??? and how to make the caravan … if it’s a true guide it need to share the ways to do(AND THE MATERIALS THAT U NEED)things so plz tell us how to and u ll be very helpfull….

  141. I don’t care about “being useful”…. If your asking, your a noob or a lazy guy. Got it? I knowz all but I no tell! =p

  142. I made my custom mansion out of wood.I have a picture of it(burning infortunately because of a random long-range pyro)on the picture,the 2nd floor burnt…..I’m so sad :L

  143. macedonianelite Says:

    I KNOW HOWWW TO MAKE TRUCK AND A MOTOR BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  144. macedonianelite Says:

    lol an admin told me πŸ˜€

  145. macedonianelite Says:

    owner of this game plz make me admin i find out how to make motor boat and caravan

  146. macedonianelite Says:

    all say ty to the great master!!!!

  147. Polarsky10 Says:

    where do you find shaped rubber in sunset valley?

    • macedonianelite Says:

      just make skateboards and burn wheels and craft 2 molten rubber into shaped rubber (skateboard is 1 wood stock and 1 scrap metal

  148. macedonianelite Says:

    My Guide to new and experienced player:Explains everything about survival:apocaylpse

    Flour:Wheat bundle in windmill
    Wheat Bundle:2 wheat crafted into item
    Dough:Flour clicked with metal bucket
    Uncooked Bread:Dough Crafted into item
    Uncooked Pumpkin Pie:Dough crafted with dough and pumpkin into item
    Uncooked Corn Bread:Dough Crafted with dough and corn into
    All Fish:Using Fishing Pole on sea from a dock
    Canned Meat:Foraged off a crate or found in a supermarket or gas station
    Bottled Water:Found in a crate or a supermarket or a gas station
    Soda:Found in Gas stations or supermarkets (limited)
    Beef Jerkey:Grown or found in supermarkets or gas stations
    Ice Cream:Found in supermarkets (limited)
    Juice:Found in supermarkets (limited)
    Pumpkin:Grown on fertile soil (craft soil with seed or seed pack)
    Corn:Grown on fertile soil (craft soil with seed or seed pack)
    Grapes:Grown on fertile soil (craft soil with seed or seed pack)
    wheat:Grown on fertile soil (craft soil with seed or seed pack)
    Carrot:Grown on fertile soil (craft soil with seed or seed pack)
    Sand Water Filter:1 Tied metal bar 1 scrap metal and 1 pile of sand (Drink with bucket or normally)

    Electric stuff:
    Wind Turbine/Solar Panel:3 bonded metal bars 2 wooden barricades 2 stock wood 1 circuit board and 1 wire (Batteries used by draging wiring plyers on the battery onto the white thing)
    Electric Fence:2 bonded metal bars 2 stock wood and 1 circuit board and 1 wire (Batteries used by draging wiring plyers on the battery onto the white thing)
    Tesla water filter:1 bonded metal bar 1 scrap metal 1 stock wood 1 circuit board and 1 wire (Decreases health if you dont click an empty bucket on it and drink and no battery charging)
    Brick Wire Gate:2 bonded metal bars 1 brick wall 1 circuit board and 1 wire (the wires at top electricute people if batteries inserted)
    Brick Wire Wall:1 bonded metal bar 2 brick wall 1 circuit board and 1 wire (the wires at top electricute people if batteries inserted)

    Wooden stuff:
    Makeshift gate/Dock:2 Tied metal bars 1 wooden barricade 1 stock wood (Flammable)
    Makeshift wall:1 Tied metal bar 3 wooden barricades (Flammable)
    Stable Gate:2 bonded metal bars 1 wooden barricade an 1 stock wood (Flammable)
    Ladder:1 Tied metal bar 2 stock wood (Flammable)
    Makeshift Mill:1 Tied metal bar 1 wooden barricade and 1 stock wood (Flammable)
    Stable warehouse (Double one):2 Bonded metal bars and 2 wooden barricades
    Makeshift Warehouse (normal) 2 Tied metal bars and 2 wooden barricades
    Small wooden shelter:2 Tied metal bars 1 wooden barricade
    Stable wooden shelter:2 Bonded metal bars 1 wooden barricade
    Medium wooden shelter with glass windows:3 Tied metal bars 1 wooden barricade and 1 glass pane
    Slow makeshift Raft:2 stock wood (Flammable)

    Gasoline stuff and Petrol:

    Motor Boat:2 bonded metal bars 1 burning metal 1 engine 2 metal blades (Gas filling doesn’t work)
    Caravan:2 bonded metal bars 1 wooden barricade 1 engine 1 stock wood 1 shaped rubber and 1 cart frame (Flammable)
    Normal Makeshift car:2 bonded metal bars 1 wooden barricade 1 engine 1 stock wood and 1 shaped rubber

    Items (Dragable and Foragable):

    Glass pane:2 glass into item
    wooden barricade:2 stock wood into item
    Tied metal bar:2 scrap metal into item
    Bonded metal bar 2 burning metal into item
    scrap metal:Foraged off green boxes
    stock wood:Foraged off wooden boxes
    brick wall:2 bricks crafted into item
    bricks:Foraged off a brick like box
    Engine:2 Burning metal 1 wire 1 rope and 1 Gasoline
    Gasoline:Foraged off silver boxes
    Burning metal:burnt on a forge
    Rope:stalk off a grown corn crafted into item
    Wire:out of a random crate opened by going on top and clicking on the sides with a Metal Bar or a Rusty Metal Bar Tool
    Circuit Board:out of a random crate opened by going on top and clicking on the sides with a Metal Bar or a Rusty Metal Bar Tool
    Battery:out of a random crate opened by going on top and clicking on the sides with a Metal Bar or a Rusty Metal Bar Tool
    Hammer (Not tooled):out of a random crate opened by going on top and clicking on the sides with a Metal Bar or a Rusty Metal Bar tool
    870 Combat (Shotgun)box:out of a random crate opened by going on top and clicking on the sides with a Metal Bar or a Rusty Metal Bar tool (Usually find outside a Gunshop
    Pistol box:Foraged off the 2 wooden boxes in the wooden hut gunshop
    Rifle box:On some maps you can forage it from a wooden box in the gunshop and out of a random crate opened by going on top and clicking on the sides with a Metal Bar or a Rusty Metal Bar tool (Usually near Gunshop)
    Metal Blade:Burning metal clicked on with a hammer (Quickly forage when its flat or it will say Burning metal or scrap metal)
    Pure Plastic:Discarded Plastic on a forge
    Glass:A pile of sand on a forge
    Oil Drum:Found behind cargo boats (Limited)
    Discarded plastic:Foraged off a silverish cylinder (Mostly found in a gunshop, spawning area or seed shop)
    Torn Rubber wheel:A wheel of a car (Must be burnt then gone out to forage)
    Molten Rubber wheel:A burnt wheel of a car
    Shaped rubber:Molten rubber wheel or 2 Molten Rubber crafted into item
    Fishing Pole (Not Tooled) Foraged off a dock a white tall rectangle thing
    Molten Rubber: A skateboards wheel burnt
    Torn Rubber a skateboards wheel after a burning
    Fertile soil:Found out of a Greenehouse or a seed shop (Brown thing)

    Gas container:2 pure plastic and 1 gas (click on the side of a car caravan or truck)
    Plastic Lighter:1 pure plastic and 1 gas (click on a forge or stock wood to make them alight
    Faulty Lighter:1 Discarded plastic and 1 gas (click on a forge or stock wood to make them alight)
    Fishing pole: Tall rectangular white thing crafted into tool after foraged and dropped
    Hammer:a brown short rectangular thing crafted into tool after foraged and dropped
    Rifle:a Rifle box crafted into tool (can add bullets if get ammo packs on floor and wield gun and walk on them)
    Pistol:A Pistol Box crafted into tool (can add bullets if get ammo packs on floor and wield gun and walk on them)
    870 Combat (Shotgun):a 870 Combat box crafted into tool(can add bullets if get ammo packs on floor and wield gun and walk on them)
    GOL-SM (sniper press z to zoom in):Im not sure i think its Rifle box crafted with pistol box and scrap metal (can add bullets if get ammo packs on floor and wield gun and walk on them)
    Metal Bucket:1 Burning metal and 1 rope (Click on a sand water filter or a Tesla water filter to get water in it)
    Machete:1 metal blade crafted into tool
    Rusty Metal Bar:Scrap Metal crafted into tool
    Metal Bar:Burning metal crafted into tool

    Brick Stuff (Recommended if building walls and gates):
    Brick makeshift gate:2 Tied metal bars 1 brick wall and 1 brick
    Brick makeshift wall:1 Tied metal bar 3 brick walls
    Stable Brick Gate:2 bonded metal bars 1 brick wall and 1 brick
    Small Brick Shelter:2 brick walls 2 bonded metal bars and 1 stock wood
    Medium Brick Shelter-3 Brick Walls+2 Bonded Metal Bars+2 Stock Wood

    Thats all!!! W8!!!!
    If still confused and new reply!

  149. macedonianelite Says:

    BTW!!! Greenehouse is 2 bonded metal bars 2 stock wood and 2 glass panes AND if you want to make your wooden gates and stuff fireproof burn the wood then craft it!

  150. macedonianelite Says:

    and skateboard is 1 stock wood and 1 scrap metal into tool and buildings are crafted in order to tools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  151. macedonianelite Says:

    Skateboard is 1 stock wood and 1 scrap metal btw πŸ˜‰

  152. macedonianelite Says:

    Owner of this website copy my gate and paste it πŸ˜›

  153. macedonianelite Says:

    AND forge is 2 bricks 1 scrap metal and 2 stock wood!

  154. macedonianelite Says:


  155. I remember putting a zombie seed and putting it in my base in a wooden wall ox, some noob burnt the box down and the zombie ate him XD

  156. Firepowa777 Says:

    (This is my real roblx char. name) I was wondering… I’ve read that you can make shaped rubber from ‘molten’ rubber (or tire whatever it called) So I decided to try to get some as i’ve been trying to learn how to create rubber for a while. I made a sk8 board and crafted a wooden barricade to set on fire. When it ingnited I placed it flat on the ground and placed the sk8board on top of it. The… shall i say blocky part that connects the wheels turned red however the wheels themselves seemed to vanish. I tried to craft or forge the red blocky parts but no words would appear when i moused over them. Once the barricade was fully burned and dissapeared i decided to check if it would work after they werent red anymore. Nothing. I hopped on the sk8board trying to move it to make sure the wheels vanishing wasnt some sort of glitch and hopped with it multiple times when i noticed one block-part was darker than the others. I got off, selected my forge tool and moused over it to find that it said ‘torn rubber’ I forged it but since it wasnt ‘molten’ I decided to get another sk8board and flaming barricade to get another torn rubber to see if i could craft them together to get shaped rubber. Right as i headed to the wood pile I had to get off thus not being able to see if it worked <.< So i was wondering what i can do with the torn rubber? Your awnser would help me very much :3 ty πŸ˜›
    Firepowa777 (Add meh if u want :P)

    • Yes, the darker rubber tire on the skateboard is the only foragable one there. craft 2 into an item to get the shaped rubber that you want. Torn rubber does, nearly nothing, its only used for making shaped rubber so its nearly completely useless.

    • macedonianelite Says:

      you need to burn the torn rubber

  157. macedonianelite Says:

    I helped wordpress so make me admin on it 😑

  158. billybob15324 Says:

    lol i cant make anything until you guys and other robloxeains helped me so thx to anyone who wrote something good

  159. Firepowa777 Says:

    Ty for help dragon πŸ˜€ Nao i can finally make car ^^ Also I’ve read multiple things on how to make a ‘Metal blade’ but they’re all so confusing <.< Thanks to your electricity guide on 'Guide 2.0' I finally understand how to do it xD Garnold's didn't really help me to much (No offense garnold if one of you ARE the real one and not a imposter lol) So yeah, only part im having trouble with is how to make metal blade for wiring plyers nao :3 If you can tell me thx πŸ˜›

    • uh, just to say, Almightydiodavid wrote most of guide2.0, electricity instructions were added in after he learned it from Falconscar, and i contributed little to the guide, and more to the recipe’s and stuff.

  160. Firepowa777 Says:

    Oh and also ty macedonianelite πŸ˜›

  161. Firepowa777 Says:

    …Ok i had no idea how much makeshift vehicle sucks xD I was so eager to make it (I failed one time and had to start all over lol), I get on it, start driving it all happily and… It can’t go on the road because its VERY VERY slightly more elevated than the ground -.-” On top of that i didnt no it goes through gas so fast <.< It loses 1/100 gas like every second driven T.T" I guess it might be useful on desert of the dead (Mah favorite map πŸ˜› Alotta ppl h8 it, but its a very good map for building out in the middle of nowhere :D) Anyways so ya… never making one again.

  162. barnabyray Says:

    My Favorite way of travel is walking or using the 2 material skateboard which is 1 stock 1 scrap. easiest recipe and fastest travel. hope it helps all the travelers.

  163. Yeah, getting cars up onto the road is a bit hard, try looking for a corner and drive straight into it, you should be able to get onto it. As for the makeshift vehicles uses, if protection not speed is your primary concern, you can outfit it so passing zombies and occasional raiders can’t get at you. It’s also useful if you want to transport a lot of cargo and all the trucks in the server have been driven into the sea by noobs.

  164. I doubt most of the people here heard of a Lighter…Or seen a Lighter…

  165. I have looked through your “arguments” and etc really long and i want to join this conversation. hey ”gotgass” ive seen you play before and you to “dragon” and ive also play this game but the noobs on the game get on the nerves! yes you may call me noob i only i have been on roblox about 2 to three months. i also have played this survival game alot me and my freind play it a lot and i also have a have a gazilloin questions and happy thanks givin! my questions how you make the gate thing with button. but theres more questions for me to ask how you get solar panel to make green house and how to i get a tub of water ive seen it every were and i do not how to make it and some time we all should play together one day and guys i cant play on weekends. by du way wats admin?”

    • Firts of all you should read the recipe list again, you should look for items such as, wired brick gate, stable brick gate (never seen one) sand water filter ad tesla water filter…

  166. hey guys i wanna join this conversation also i have a ton question

  167. Will Shelves have any purpose? The shelves inside the warehouse spawn are now foragable and have the name Shelf, so it was intentional.

    • No, they don’t, Its just a Lock Glitch that Garnold had. Instead of Locking the brick it unlocked it and allowed you to forage it and whatnot. As for having a name, most big named level builders have their parts named in their Explorer/Workspace list so that they can quickly Identify where they want to go.

  168. SnowCappedKnight (bot3263) Says:

    I saw i guy who was so creative he built a gaurd tower by:
    stacking two mills on top of each other but you have to make sure the place where you put wheat bundles in are even then burn it and add two ladders and put a birck wall facing downward on the top well maybe that might work but give credit to taht person… I forgotten his name

    • Burning the spinning part of a Mill is VERY usefull, it takes up less space then, And yes stacking them like that and burning that makes a decent guard tower, you can see lots, snipe, spot whatever floats your boat from it.

  169. How do you make the metal motor boat… i spent alot of time trying to figure it out… ive used 1… it has a car engine…

  170. I suppose I’ll add the Caravan, and Motor boat recipe’s, Binkids said he would but hasn’t done it yet so I guess I will, All credit for them Goes to GotGass. He told me ’em.

    • Oh… I just realized that I know ‘people’ who follow me into games that know EVERYTHING on the game… for some reason they think i’m famous… O_O

      • Long Time ago comment… But yeah. People seem to be that way towards me for whatever reason. Idk if its annoying or creepy with people following you around like that. Its like creepy stalker fanboys/fangirls. Kinda odd…

  171. bridgechase Says:

    So how do you make metal blades? Plase add that

  172. Refrigerator Monkey Says:

    But if you burn the spinning part of a mill, you can’t move it into a corner where it takes up less space. You should be able to move damaged buildings.

  173. I have all recipes on paper so my base is NEVER taking over! HAR HAR HAR!

    • If you know all recipes dosnt meen you will never get raided some guy one time said ” YOA NUBS WILL NEVAR GET IN!!!!” i was riding by oon my skateboard i had oil drums since it was Garn Harbour i blew his gates and walls into around 23 peaces

    • If you know all recipes dosnt meen you will never get raided some guy one time said ” YOA NUBS WILL NEVAR GET IN!!!!” i was riding by on my skateboard i had oil drums since it was Garn Harbour i blew his gates and walls into around 23 peaces

  174. Firepowa777 Says:

    xD bin you showed him πŸ˜› Although that was kinda mean… When someone talks trash about me and my colony I always just get em all guns and go jump em :3 Unless he kept talking trash, attacked you, sent barricades to ur base on fire, etc. Then oil drums ftw xD And yay new recipes finally came, i been w8ing for days lol

  175. Firepowa777 Says:

    Oh and i was wondering, I have some pictures of a huge base me and my colony made (It was either port arthur or garn harbor, I dont know my maps with teh ports to well <.<) and i mean HUGE. It spanned from all the way over by the steps from the port to the edge of town πŸ˜€ Cuz i remember you posted pics of that one big base on time so i'd be intrested if you'd wanna see em :3

  176. NeuroticBrit Says:

    i wanna remove the raft seats again πŸ˜₯

  177. what are the new recipes?

  178. back to the zombie seed subject i say uses for them is to make a gladiator areana to punish traitors ir raiders guest also any thing classified as a noob its simple we give them a rusty metal bar the raider wins he is free the noob wins hes killed any way the traitor wins i give traitor a chance to redeem themself simple as that lol

  179. Firepowa777 Says:

    Cart frame, Motor Boat, and Carvan.


  181. qwerty9567 Says:

    how do u make rubber?
    shaped rubber
    torn rubber
    melted rubber
    pls help…cant find ne tutorials for it

  182. quit asking dumb questions..its annoying..plus..if u guys wanan find out where soil or mud or whatever is GO aND LOOK!!!!..jeez so many nubs post on this site..THIS IS FOR RECIPEIS AND OTHER STUF no spam

  183. this is so awesome

  184. How do we make Sharp Rubber??

  185. how do u make a motor boat

  186. i hear that rifle, shotgun(870 Combat) and sniper(GOL SM. this one definitely true though) can be crafted from pistols. is that true?

  187. how do ya make shaded rubbers?

  188. nvm :3 i know how to make it >.<

  189. there should be a garage for a car, also should make a recipe for a huge door for the car!

  190. Potatobird Says:

    how DO you make shaped rubber? do you hit wheels with a machete then burn the rubber then hit it with a hammer or something?

  191. Potatobird Says:

    oops, should of looked earlier… 😐

  192. Potatobird Says:

    woah, i discovered a face by accident! πŸ˜€

  193. Potatobird Says:

    ok, i burned my skateboard wheels, then i THINK i hit one off with a machete, but i’m not sure. then when i tried hitting the other ones, it didnt work.


  194. Potatobird Says:

    ooohhhh, that makes sense. it only burns off 1 wheel?

  195. guys howq do i make dock?

  196. yminiMan its tied metal bar x2, wooden barricade, stock wood

  197. *MyMiniMan*

  198. hey guys the makeshift raft works

  199. how do i become admin?

  200. i know how to get fertile soil i have three ideas to get it first there is some farmers map were zombies spawn there is inf soil and also there is a place on top of a sky scraper were inf soil is or you can make green house wich has inf soil but limited seeds

  201. how do i get a 870 combat and a gol-sm?

  202. yes im spamming how do i get pure metal and mtal bar? it has to do with some thing burning and a hammer thats all i know about metal bar ans pure metal

    • there is no such thing as pure metal, there is only pure plastic 2) u make metal bar with craft tool, its burning metal (scrap near fire source) > create tool, if u didn’t fked something up u should have Metal Bar in your tools
      at bottom of page

    • yansky1995 Says:

      and a metal blade is made from scrap metal that has been hammered, warning though it will become scrap metal again when it cools and will require u to hit it with the hammer again

  203. its ben two days guys!

  204. muh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha im goin crazy ive made the 400’s comment!

  205. agh i cant find out how to make dough

  206. nurseofpain Says:

    u cook bread on a forge

  207. hi How do you make the brick gate with a button?

  208. i have seen a survival kit which is a white block……where can u find it,or how can u make it?
    please help…… πŸ˜€

  209. How do electricy stuff works?

  210. where the hell do u get rubber or make it

    • u get it off trucks by sticking stock wood or some other flameable material to it and waiting with forage tool for the wheels to turn red and then forage them

  211. Well since i stopped being lazy, and my computers fixed, I’m FINALLY taking pictures of ALL the items so you know what they are if you happen upon something strange. Not that it helps much, Its just something for the ppl that ask so many dang questions. I have oh, 1/3 of them done so far.

  212. how to make scrap metal blade?

    • First you have to get a hammer (you can find in a box) then you take 1 scrap metal and smack with hammer well the metal is burning , sooner or later it will turn into a metal blade , but hurry it truns back into scrap metal.

  213. MyMiniMan Says:

    u get rubber from a car dat has been burnt or a skate board 2 of that rubber and by du way DONT SWEAR well it isnt technecly a swear word but would u like to go dare? and to get shaped rubber get the molten rubber (do this QUICK!) and craft it to item. for skateboard craft both molten rubber to item(AS SAID DO IT QUICK!!!!!). If any quiestions ask me.and HOW DO I MAKE LARGE BRICK SHELTER!i need rooms for important guest…and could u name a good roblox website for building your own game… I MADE THE FiRST JANURARY COMMENt?!?!?!?!?!?OH and happy late NEW YEAR!

  214. Makeshift Skateboard-1 Stock Wood + 1 Scrap Metal

  215. BlueClooo!!! Says:

    how u make rubber or how u get it?

  216. remove the commets when ever i come here it
    deleted some 300 commets you don’t need and i will be less laggyer

  217. Good list of recipes! By the way I am yelsew a member of roblox and a fan of this game.

  218. the motor boat recipe doesnt work

    • Yes it does, its hard to keep the metal blades hot, as they cool. However, I discoved a secret to keep them cool.

  219. This guide is sooooo sweeet! πŸ˜€

  220. love this site

  221. To make flaming bullet 1+gas 1+ammo pack 1+pistol. Its that in some order.

  222. How do i make a engine because it’s not the one that I saw up on the recipe list

  223. +can someone please tell me where the create button is

  224. how do u get the brick wall.
    not the brick+brick=brick wall.
    I mean the brick gate and brick large wall

  225. how to make a engine

  226. wow this guide is amazing…add me!

  227. I have a new recipe watch tower it is 1bonded metal bar +3wooden barricades try it

  228. I think you make a sk8ing board with 1 stock wood+ 2 scrap metal

  229. URGENT NEW RECIPE stable wall it is +1 bonded metal bar +3 wooden barricades

  230. bulletspeed Says:

    wasnt there a mansion?

  231. I know the recipe for the GOL-SM (Or whatever it’s called) PM me on roblox if you would like to know πŸ˜€

  232. how do you get a engine?

  233. seancatherallno1 Says:

    Heres a base idea all you need is the following items:

    water Filter(optional)
    Forge(optinal but highly recomended)
    a boat(raft or speedboat works fine)
    4 docks
    and some ocean…

    basically align the docks in a U shape out at sea then put in the waterfilter and forge.

    • ThisAwesomeKid Says:

      ive done that but there isn’t enought space to making anything and u have to waste like 5 minuted to get stuff to your base in the middle of the ocean

  234. hownowbrowncow Says:

    That caravan turned into a Small Stable Shelter instead. I spent 30 minutes getting those materials!

  235. New update! With new recipes…doesnt help that the inventory now glitches sometimes, making it so you cant use it 😦

  236. Sypherio Says:

    Been a while since I posted here, but the time calls. There’s been an update! Garnold says there are new recipes and updated map features πŸ˜€
    Let’s work together and figure these treasures out.

  237. Hoorah for new Items! I found those out on my own, but Idk the Pueblo yet, See what you guys can do.

  238. Sypherio Says:

    Recipe cracked! It’s called Small Adobe Hut.

    4 Sand Walls + 2 Stock Wood

  239. Firepowa777 Says:

    @Meto How do you get a bullet? .-. Is the the ammo pack?

  240. Guys the new recipe for a small adobe shelter is 4 sandwalls and 2 stockwood

  241. chaoman12 Says:

    I really wish people would stop posting more and more links to this in the guide…We don’t want noobs ruining the game more…

  242. I block the gunshop when admisn aren’t on sometimes πŸ˜›

  243. EPIKRobloxian Says:


  244. somedude4556 Says:

    whats the new greenhouse recipie?the better one

  245. somedude4556 Says:

    and how do you get shotgun ammo?the ammo packs dotn work on shotgun,well for me but how u get shotgun shells?

  246. How the hell do you make the Enigne I keep getting REALLY far on it and it turns into Tied Metal >:O

  247. chaoman12 Says:

    You just told about everyone now…Good job, smart one.

  248. I don’t have any recipes yet, but i’ll look for some.

  249. Hello my name is speedhawk in roblox.I wanted to tell that you GUYS ROCK! I want to be a member of this website because i know a bit recipies and good information like how to kill zombies with your hand, make a zombie your pet , make a zombie ur friend and to make a zombie in ur base like a guard . by the word zombie i mean any zombie and how to live in water, all sorts of things !

  250. CrAzYmAn Says:

    is there other recipes??

  251. CrAzYmAn Says:

    pls get some more recipes

  252. Daemon231 Says:

    Shotgun + Ammo = 870 Combat

    NOTE: Shotgun can only be found on the snowy map( Sorry I’m not familiar with the names of the maps ) on its island that has a gunshop. There will be boxes near the gunshop, some of the boxes will have a Shotgun in them. I have no idea if you can find Shotguns anywhere else or on any other map.

  253. how do i get engines?

  254. somedude4556 Says:

    !!!NEW AND IMPORTANT!!! go to somedude4556 on youtube and looka t my vids i uncoverd some of the admins and garnorlds secret and i got a video on the GOL-SM,its impossible to make but only spawnable by admins and its tool not box and radio i dunno bout all i think is u call others with it and also a lighter its sjut called lighter its red and it starts fire instantly.these are some admin tools and i uncovered and video taped 2 of the secret areas.please watch.it gives em views and givs you info on game and thx

  255. Well i laik to share de truth

  256. chaoman12 Says:

    Ehh, I guess it makes it all the while better.

  257. Some genuinely nice stuff on this website , I enjoy it.

  258. ilikepie Says:

    hey u forgot the weapons that do work which so many noobs think they dont cuz they dont click the victum’s head:

    Rusty Metal Bar — Scrap Metal
    Metal Bar — Burning Metal
    Machete — Metal Blade

    Pistol — Pistol (Found in gun shops)
    Rifle — Rifle (Found in both gun shops and crates)
    870 Combat — 870 Combat (Found in crates near gunshops or other places depending on the map)
    Machine Gun — Unknown (I know its real because my friend used one once. I think its like: 870 Combat + Rifle. You can try to figure it out…)

    ROBLOX Name: Jedistalker101

    • Ah, no. The machine gun was a hacked in weapon, sorta, some random hacker guy changed a firing rate of a rifle or something and gave it Infinite ammo. I don’t really know how he managed to change the Hex values of the game so much without actually crashing the server but, since he did, he gets points in my book. But no, its fake, there’s no recipe.

  259. Fucking ***holes always burn.

  260. ilikepie Says:

    omg v2.0.0 is out! everything is like……complicated.
    SKATEBOARD: 1 stock 2 Metal
    Wooden Barricade: 2 stock wood + 1 nail

    ps make a new section…

  261. trying to figure out the other stuff…

  262. Jedistalker101 Says:

    I AM ilikepie (that was my last username, my new one is my ROBLOX Account name)

    Survival Apocalypse v2.0.0 Recipe List

    No matter who you are, in V2.0.0 you MUST get a Lighter. This is because, well, I don’t know yet how to make a forge, but I think i am really close to finding the recipe

    For Bonded Metal just put 3 Scrap Metal over a piece of burning _wood_

    Brick Wall–2 Brick Piles
    Wooden Barricade–2 Stock Wood + 1 Nail
    Glass Plane–2 Glass
    Skateboard–1 Stock Wood + 2 Scrap Metal
    Bonded Metal Bars–3 Burning Metal (easiest way)
    Rifle–1 Rifle
    Pistol–1 Pistol
    870 Combat–1 870 Combat
    Faulty Lighter–1 Discarded Plastic + 1 Gasoline
    Plastic Lighter–1 Pure Plastic + 1 Gasoline
    Nail Board–1 Stock Wood + 1 Nail
    Rusty Metal Board–1 Scrap Metal
    Metal Bar–1 Burning Metal


  263. somedude4556 Says:

    come on guys try hard,we must get these new treasures and recipies!!!!

  264. Jedistalker101 Says:

    I AM ilikepie (that was my last username, my new one is my ROBLOX Account name)
    Survival Apocalypse v2.0.0 Recipe List
    No matter who you are, in V2.0.0 you MUST get a Lighter. This is because, well, I don’t know yet how to make a forge, but I think i am really close to finding the recipe
    For Bonded Metal just put 3 Scrap Metal over a piece of burning _wood_
    Brick Wall–2 Brick Piles
    Wooden Barricade–2 Stock Wood + 1 Nail
    Glass Plane–2 Glass
    Skateboard–1 Stock Wood + 2 Scrap Metal
    Bonded Metal Bars–3 Burning Metal (easiest way)
    Rifle–1 Rifle
    Pistol–1 Pistol
    870 Combat–1 870 Combat
    Faulty Lighter–1 Discarded Plastic + 1 Gasoline
    Plastic Lighter–1 Pure Plastic + 1 Gasoline
    Nail Board–1 Stock Wood + 1 Nail
    Rusty Metal Board–1 Scrap Metal
    Metal Bar–1 Burning Metal

  265. Jedistalker101 Says:

    forge is–2 Brick + 1 Scrap Metal + 2 Stock Wood + 1 Nail

  266. Ok here are the recipes i have figured out. for v.2.0.0
    Oil drum- 3 burning metal + 3 gasoline – item
    Greehouse-2 bonded metal bars+2 stockwood+2glass panes- Tool
    Stable gate- 2 bonded metal bars+ one wooden barricade+ one stalkwood+one nail-Tool
    Tied metal bar – 2 scrap metals + one rope- iteam
    Makeshift brick gate- 2 tied metal bars + one brick wall+one pile of brick + one nail-Tool
    Metal bar- One burning metal – tool
    Forge 2 brick + 1 scrap + 2 stockwood+ 1 nail- Tool
    Lighter = One discarded plastic + one gasoline-tool

  267. Nope….. The oil drumz cannot blow up brick…. only other wood stuff

  268. Our walls are safe………… but they can blow up evrything else… Lol

  269. Oh figured out the brickwall its 1 tied metal bar + 3 brick walls + 1 rope + 1 nail – tool

  270. Makeshift dock= 1 wooden barricade + 2 stock wood + 1 nail

  271. εŠδ½ θ€ζ―

  272. do not see above it’s a bad words in chinese

  273. FISHing rod!!bruning metal+2 string rope=2 string two stalk=rope

  274. this is a test
    Delete this

  275. urnightmare013 Says:

    The recipes so far…

    Skateboard : 1-Stock Wood + 2-Scrap Metal
    Wooden Barricade : 2-Stock Wood
    Brick Wall : 2-Brick Pile
    Glass Pane : 2-Glass
    Bonded Metal Bar : 3-Burning Metal
    Faulty Lighter : 1-Discarded Plastic + 1-Gasoline
    Plastic Lighter : 1-Pure Plastic + 1-Gasoline
    Nail Board : 1-Stock Wood + 1-Nail
    Rusty Metal Bar : 1-Scrap Metal
    Metal Bar : 1-Burning Metal
    Tied Metal Bar : 2-Scrap Metal
    Forge : 2-Brick Pile + 1-Scrap Metal + 2-Stock Wood + 1-Nail
    Makeshift Dock : 1-Wooden Barricade + 2-Stock Wood + 1-Nail
    Oil Drum : 3-Burning Metal + 3-Gasoline
    Greenhouse : 2-Bonded Metal Bars + 2-Stock Wood + 2-Glass Panes
    Stable Gate : 2-Bonded Metal Bars + 1-Wooden Barricade + 1-Stockwood + 1-Nail
    Makeshift Brick Gate : 2-Tied Metal Bars + 1-Brick Wall + 1-Brick Pile + 1-Nail
    Makeshift Brick Wall : 1-Tied Metal Bar + 3-Brick Walls + 1-Rope + 1-Nail
    Makeshift Dock : 1-Wooden Barricade + 2-Stockwood + 1-Nail
    Glass Cup : 1-Glass
    Grape Juice : 1-Glass Cup + 1-Grape
    Fishing Rod : 1-Burning Metal + 2-String
    Rope : 2-Stalk
    String : 1-Rope
    Stable Warehouse : 2-Bonded Metal Bar + 2-Wooden Barricade
    Makeshift Warehouse : 2-Tied Metal Bar + 2-Wooden Barricade
    Sand Water Filter : 1-Tied Metal Bar + 1-Scrap Metal + 1-Pile of Sand

  276. urnightmare013 Says:

    i just found a new material! its called Small Leaves and it is square,green and a bit thick. What is its use?

  277. I know how to make a radio

  278. When I go in a server with a admin, I know 4 of them so I get teleported to the middle of nowhere.

  279. deadly4321 Says:

    how do u make the colony gate?

  280. thegamer Says:

    I have a recipe:
    Bomb: (or oil tank idk) 3 Burning Metal + 3 Gasoline

  281. urnightmare013 Says:

    whats the recipe for ladder?

  282. urnightmare013 Says:

    brick gate doesnt need nails

  283. chaoman12 Says:

    Every wall is doomed…Gawd. Now I know where the noobdrum infection started hintnotintendedhere.
    And Brick walls can be blown, because no buildin’ except greenhouse is anchored, I believe.

  284. Ohaidere. I love this game and Guide. I have one trick to get rid of lag

  285. Okay, Guys Heres One Lag trick, Have you ever taken out a stored Building That has been placed, but is it still stuck as a tool in your inventory..? Well Reset When it’s there it gets rid of that(AS A TOOL NOT A BUILDING) and It updates your Inventory also Gets rid of lag

  286. One Other trick, Not a lag trick a faster crafting Trick. If it needs burning metal or something like that (as if, Bonded or something that needs the forge) Just add it to the forge, If it has a timing limit That does’t burn

  287. Anyone Ever got this glitch..? I can’t figure it out… It’s when you respawn and your not able to jump/move with keyboard

  288. cal10000 Says:

    4 blueberrys=blueberry pack
    4 strawberrys same as above

  289. chaoman12 Says:

    I did test that new dock recipe (Pier, other stuff like that).
    Doesn’t work, or it’s too close together to read and get all the materials right.

  290. wooden Ladder doesn’t work either

  291. chaoman12 Says:

    Perhapes you should double space, so it’s easier to read.

  292. chaoman12 Says:


  293. chaoman12 Says:

    Much easier to read now.

  294. I’m getting bored I wish someone would cometo mai server.

  295. Why am I posting here x3.

  296. New update broke crafting tool.

  297. K Guys I got receipe for the new stuff. BRICK WALL’S SET! =
    3 brick walls 1 tied
    Wooden Set=
    3 Wooden Barricades 1 tied

  298. Warning, The gate in the sets don’t work right now

  299. SuperDeathMan, I want to ask you x3 WHATS A NOON..?

  300. So is the colny gate broken??

    • Uh, no… Its just part of a Set now. Use the CTRL key on your keyboard in combination with the F key. And type “Stable/Colony Set” It should take you directly to it.

  301. The stable mill is no different to the makeshift mill except theres a metal thing on the back of the stable mill

    • Actually, Yeah, there is a difference, Instead of making flour it makes it into dough, the thing on the back is part of a Water Filter for whatever reason. And on occasion it’ll make 2 rather than 1

  302. Gallery much? Post teh picture.

  303. Heres one tip on making stuff grow faster, HIT IT WITH THE METAL BAR! Don’t scream at it, Take action.

  304. man i wish garnold dident change the colony gate look he should make a smaller one designed to go inside buildings

  305. nails are not needed.
    sand block -1 wet sand + 1 wet sand
    sand wall – 2 or 3 sand blocks
    wet sand – bucket click pile of sand

    what is that new platform recipie? it`s like a dock/ pier thing. i saw a few water colonys and saw them.
    and how/ where do you get/find blue barries and straw barries?
    and arn`t they used to make pie and reseed?

    • Regarding the Blueberries and Strawberries. Find them laying around, Their little and look like Grapes but Red, and Blue. You usually get them from Blueberry Packs, and Strawberry Packs. Their found at the beginning of the server. Craft one into an item and it yields about 4 berries.

  306. I know what they look like i’v used them before and planted them.
    i just needed to know where to get/ find them thats all. so ae the packets blue and red? or what color are they? and what purpose does the stump for? i know what the leaves do i mentianed it a few comments up

    • Okay, the only possible way to Find them in general is to be a first person in the server and go to the Store, and find them lying around there. Or be lucky and find someone that would trade a berry to you. The stump and Leaves do nearly nothing. I just burn them. I don’t think the stump can be used for anything actually…

  307. urnightmare013 Says:

    please fix the last 8 buildings in the recipe its a bit confusing to read. building name should be first before materials to avoid confusion.

  308. urnightmare013 Says:

    ssd21345 leaked the website in the S:A comments 😑

  309. ssd21345 Says:

    Stable Small Shelter-2 Bonded Metal Bars+1 Wooden Barricade
    Tesla Water Filter-1 Bonded Metal Bar+1 Scrap Metal+1 Stock Wood+1 Circuit Board+1 Wire


  310. Hola My colony is freaking HUGE. It took up about the Grocery store plus 2 more

  311. ssd21345 Says:

    I MEAN 2.3.2,garnold say it oil drum recipe chauged a bit

  312. ssd21345 Says:

    MEH FIRST ACCOUNT CALLED SSD21345 banned for post THAT website and CELANING a pages.i’m using second account.

  313. cal10000 Says:

    The strawberry and blueberry seed packs are not broken you have craft them into strawberrys and blueberrys before you plant them
    4 Strawberrys: Strawberry Pack (Create Item)
    4 Blueberrys: Blueberry Pack (Create Item)

    • What I had meant is: There is an actual recipe for crafting blueberries and Strawberries INTO the Packs : The recipe is supposed to be 1 Pure Plastic + 4 (Designated berry) But it doesn’t work for anything but the Blueberry Packs.

  314. urnightmare013 Says:

    does anyone know the dock set recipe?

  315. Monty Pythons Black knight, Y U NO DIE
    Tis But a Scratch.

    Monty Python:Guest 5781

    • That is incorrect I believe it is as follows: King Arthur “Victory is mine!”
      Black Knight “Its only a flesh wound”
      Arthur “But your arm’s off!”
      Black Knight “I’ve had worse”
      Arthur “You lie!”

  316. Docks are working

  317. zip2zip Says:

    guys, the small adobe hut and adobe set are the same racipts, however, you can’t create the hut, when all the rest you can!!!

  318. deadly4321 Says:

    (1) Why is trhere no more stable brick walls?
    (2) How do you make an oil barrel.-recipie changed-
    (3) Would Garnold ever re-make “Nuclear Winter Wonderland” as a map?

    • (1) There never were Stable Brick Walls, there were Makeshift and Wired
      (2) The oil Barrel recipe is the same as its always been, 3 Burning Metal + 3 Gas.
      (3) He has stated that the map was too big, and had too much lag, no one played it because of it, and it led to him removing it.

  319. BTW the leaves from the blue barries is used for bio desal
    oh and bio deasl can be used to make oil drums…
    its funny , i hand out oil drums to colonys and watch them go at it in an all out blast-to-death match, doesnt happen much though :|
    hide an oil drum under a small wooden sheltr by a base then light it on fire. its a shell bomb XD

  320. ok how do you make the platform thingy?

  321. Here’s a new type of Begger, A moth They come to your base and beg you to use your fire or they sneak in and use it to make weapons/items/tools They get pretty annoying.

  322. Made an awesome Hum-vee, Noobs destroyed it will oil drums

  323. Good thing i got Pics πŸ˜€

  324. If I can get to an admin on deese site I can post them

  325. Watch out for: happywing7 yourmomyellow, Epicsparta117 And Swoohs They are noobs who Oil drum bases and begg until they get there way.

  326. new oil drum recypy is 3 burning metal 3 gasoline

  327. urnightmare013 Says:

    One rule to prevent your base being oil drummed: Be kindly to strangers. If they get angry, they will cause chaos.

  328. Yup.. I know, But If you know them and seen them as noobs and hate them Kill them On SIGHT

  329. 😦 :() πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ O_O o.O..

  330. urnightmare013 Says:

    stop the spam

  331. BubbNutt Says:

    Now thats why I couldn’t find out half the recipes! ;p There now sets with the same recipe… i knew I should have used the wall recipe instead of the gate…. >.>

  332. tika191 Says:

    I had to shoot Garnold 4 times at Fort Vulcan. He started it tho.

  333. Sorry about that spam.

  334. Wanna know a lol..? One guy who WASN’T an admin hacked like 15 fridges It was creepy

  335. chaoman12 Says:

    I r an admin nao.
    And piemonster11 leaked it onto the comments. I tortured him..Along with subject

  336. ssd21345 Says:

    BioDiesel can be prcoessed by leave(blueberry leave)

  337. ssd21345 Says:

    i leaked it long time ago

  338. back ppl since i was gonna roblox c baned account i am BACK THAT RIGHT I AM S:A:’S NUMBAH 1 HATED PERSON . BUT i l ove the game.. garnold nice job bro.

  339. ssd21345 Says:

    NICE JOB GARNOLD the ADS mode(cick q) better

  340. Mima228 Says:

    Hey can you guys update it to have 4.0 recipe list

  341. Mima228 Says:

    woops i mean 2.40

  342. it was realy good information

  343. gouys it says somehing about scoped rifle in discr. wht’s the recipe for it, not like i’m intend to use it just wonder wht is it

  344. Thenoobenator Says:

    I just figured out how to make scope only 3 hours after he made it.
    Burning metal + Glass + Create item = Scope
    Unfortunatly every time i drop scope it dissapears, though it does look like wire.

    Please give me credit!

    • Roxastardif Says:

      Most likely you just cannot see it. Scopes blend in really well with the gray areas on the map. The other possibility is that you stepped on it, that flings the friggin things.

  345. uuuurgh!! Says:

    no one should post scoped rifle for a while its easy let everyone figure it out

  346. ssd21345 Says:

    idk but admin have gave it to meh

  347. Choomno Says:

    How do you make metal blades???

  348. The recipe’s were changed back because about 99% of the fanbase spammed Garnold’s Message box saying to change it back. Just couldn’t handle realism or something. A brick colony gate doesn’t exist. Simple as that. I’ll check around the game, but I assure you there isn’t one, its the Makeshift Brick Gate, and the Wired Brick Gate. Anyway, just get a bucket and fireproof them.

    • Sounds odd. A lot of glitches were fixed recently though, just use the bucket on the wooden parts, and occasionally some metal parts. All in all try to waterproof EVERYTHING Lol. It sorta varies between the types of walls too. For some reason Makeshift Walls Metal sometimes burns. And I think all but the Brick Gate’s “Door” part burns, so you gotta individually fireproof it too.

  349. Read the recipe list.

  350. Man, this list is great. It’s helped me so much. so much that I…I…I – I WUV YOU.

  351. Ladders Needed Nails. πŸ˜› And I think the Solar Panel/Wind Turbine is just broken.

  352. godfather932 Says:

    hey guys i discovered something you can make blueberry pie by combining dough+Blueberry

  353. godfather932 Says:

    oh yeah the car doesnt need any rubber anymore

  354. Hey, have you heard ther’es more than just shotgun, pistol, and sniper. Is that true?

    • Yeah, True. Something Called a Gol Magnum Sniper and a LAZ- 2. Their either really rare or beginning of the server items. I happened to come across a Box thing that was glitched. couldn’t Craft and couldn’t forage it, but the Forage tool labeled it “LAZ-2”

      • neonkillah Says:

        so… the where-abouts are uknown. Let’s hope one of us figure out it’s secrets.

      • It seems that those weapons are only accessible to admins, they can spawn themselves weapons using the give command. I met an admin in-game and he showed me the weapons. There are several admin weapons, each more powerful than the originals.

  355. im having troble and this helped

  356. Devarian Says:

    The Adobe set is not working

  357. I cant seem to get the electric gate to work in 2.6.4. With or without wires. Any help?

  358. Hmmm Maybe You guys should Put a Colony door Window xD? Or maybe a Colony Only open buttion since I have to snipe and noone to get in >_> And! A Colony door without all that Gate and stuff covering it!

  359. l3radrocks Says:

    Makeshift Car and Motor Boat are broken,

  360. stellabear1 Says:

    How do you make the bullet-proof vest?

  361. almightydiodavid Says:

    Burn wheels.

  362. Try to sprint and unequip the number, you’ll be sprinting forever

  363. chaoman12 Says:

    The tank, on Desert of the Dead (Not the spanish named one) can be found. It’s not a hax or admin only.

  364. chaoman12 Says:

    Just remember
    Posting this guide on the S:A comment will resault in a 1 to 3 day ban, and roblox will delete your comment and will possibly give a warning or a ban.

  365. Oil drum recipe should be changed…coz theres alot of noobs destroying my walls -_-*

  366. Do you guys know the recipie of the fishing shed?
    1 Bonded metal, 2 Wood barricades, 2 stock wood. also makes a bunch of other fishing stuff

  367. godfather932 Says:

    wired brick set still unknown>_<

  368. Tom1233456789 Says:

    i made a nuke out of oil onese……you have no idea how many oil drums it took us to blow up someones base befor you read the rest think how many did it take…

    the awnser is 74…

  369. mikaelmakalena Says:

    how do u turn blueberry packs into blue berrys and same for strawberries plz

  370. Thanks. I hope you continue releasing more useful articles.

  371. godfather932 Says:

    anything new

  372. dexteriscool Says:

    here are special recipes:

    Bulletproof vest:2 Metal blade+2 Clay(burn wet sand)+1 Rope

    Torch:1 Stock Wood+1 Rope+1 Gasoline(bio diesle wont work so dont use that!)

  373. dexteriscool Says:

    and add me:dexteriscool


  375. Sharpshooter26 Says:

    I wish I knew oil drum

  376. I am a s:a admin. for using this I will ban you all.

  377. devilmaycry115 Says:

    cart frame is not in car or caravan and i need to know how to make rubber or molten rubber and u can take off wired brick wall and gate there not in anymore

  378. godfather932 Says:

    any news about adobe set and wired brick gate set?

  379. I have been exploring for a bit for any high quality articles or blog posts on this kind of area . Exploring in Yahoo I at last stumbled upon this website. Reading this info So i am happy to convey that I have an incredibly good uncanny feeling I discovered just what I needed. I most certainly will make certain to don’t forget this web site and give it a look on a constant basis.

  380. Ehhh… how to make adobe set…. i tried but not work

  381. idk

  382. whats the recipt for AK-47

  383. anyone know how to make metal blades?

  384. anyone know how to make metalblades at alll?

  385. godfather932 Says:

    what recipe did you use then?

  386. hammer hit to burnin metal = metal blade

    metal blade (tool) = one melee wep

  387. How to get make adobe set,i follow ur recipe above ” 4 sand walls + 2 stock woods” not work,can you tell me true one please

  388. mr10suckeggs Says:


    long update D:

    either garnold’s workin on a BIG as in BIG update or not at all D:::

  389. mr10suckeggs Says:

    I FOUND GOL-SM!!!!!


  390. mr10suckeggs Says:

    actual name is gol-sniper magnum

  391. mr10suckeggs Says:

    Recipie for GOL-SM

    :1 Admin+lots of charm+asking 4 a GOl-Sm=GOL-SM

    good Luck πŸ˜€

  392. mr10suckeggs Says:

    Oh Ya

    its Not makeable I talked with Garnold

    i asked if GOL-SM exists he said its obtanable in teh millitary base in Port arthur I said i sometimes lived there but never saw it
    he said its only a Server or Admin weapon.


  393. Ninjaxrasx Says:

    How to make adobe set in 2.0!!! It changed D:!

  394. guys, i’ve seen a guy nex to tower kind of strocture, any1 minds to tell wht’s the recipe for it??

  395. godfather932 Says:

    thats a stable corner i think cab be made using the stable wall set recipe

  396. Dudes, I kind of found this “How to avoid EVIL duck” book in the desert map. I Don’t know wat its for, and I tested to see if its a hat. Its not a hat. I crafted it with itself as item and tool. Nothing happened. I tried to burn it. It doesnt burn. What is it do any of you know?

  397. mr10suckeggs Says:

    its a stable corner

  398. mr10suckeggs Says:

    guys Any 1 Of you ever caught a shark?

  399. peters4ll Says:


  400. ‘I also made it so you cannot put a wall/gate anywhere within 30 studs of a gun shop.’

    I love that bit of newest update… i bet they’ll find a way around it at some point…

  401. how do u make, or where can u get from ak-47 on that sierra map

  402. windclans Says:

    how o you make string for fising rods? and is the medium brick shelter up to date?

  403. windclans Says:

    how do you make string fishing? (the first comment had spelling errers)

  404. windclans Says:

    ok how do you make string? (keep making errers)

  405. mr10suckeggs Says:

    V: 2.9.1 – In this update I fixed some recipes that were previously broken; the Wired Brick set, and the Adobe set. I also made a new drag tool from scratch, so I’d like to have feedback on that. It mainly prevents you from moving bricks further than 25 studs away, stopping drag burning. I also made it so you cannot put a wall/gate anywhere within 30 studs of a gun shop.

    New S:A update

  406. godfather932 Says:

    you know the pro’s in the new update is that nobody can block the gun shop anymore and your stuff can’t be burnt by someone from afar anymore the con’s in this is that you can drag parts of the map that can’t be drag like the wall the floor (not rly the floor but the things attach to it) I once went to a desert map forgot the name it has the hovercraft the sand on the floor was up high floating in air so yea it was hard getting through the blocking parts of the map that has been drag.

  407. FallenAngel31 Says:


  408. windclans Says:

    yah i miss puting stuff on the walls too. has any one tried talking to Garnold?

    and i still want to know how to make string.

  409. mr10suckeggs Says:



  410. godfather932 Says:

    wow thats sad well he could have at least update the shaped rubber caused its kinda useless.

  411. guys Ctrl+F on survival apocalypse Ver.2.9.3 doesnt work i tryed so many time

  412. mr10suckeggs Says:

    darn D:

    On the Good Side I think Garnold’s making a new S:A in responce 2 the Survival finale series :3

  413. mr10suckeggs Says:

    terrain i think i saw it once Current Problems He mentioned:

    Terrain is not an uploadable version so he cant make it into maps u can select

    Send me a Fr in RoBlox Im using my same name πŸ˜€

  414. mr10suckeggs Says:

    I used 2 do is 2 capture a part of the spawn wearhauz where there are bricks I use it as an outpost while mai my main as something else where they wont expecl so u can lead a dual life like raiding by night and acting like u dunno what happened at day

  415. mr10suckeggs Says:


  416. mr10suckeggs Says:

    Gives u a lot of stuff Trust me πŸ˜€

    • windclans Says:

      lol cool but i wont do that im not a raider typ

      • mr10suckeggs Says:

        Fortify your Base A Lot

        Get Good Guns and Thats all u need 2 survive

        In case if a enemy raids ur base Raid Back But make sure It is effective If it fails Prepare a lot of lookouts on ur walls

  417. what’s the medium and small brick shelter, coz the recipes in list don’t work…valso, how is it, what when u try to kill zomb whos hands are sticking out throgh wall u get your self hit hard??? for exaple about 2/5 of your hp for 1 bullet.

  418. can u make guns or WERE THE DAM GUNS ARE i cant find them onky rifle spas 12 and pistols

  419. mr10suckeggs Says:

    OH GAWD I was Ip banned O_e I didnt do a thing D:

  420. mr10suckeggs Says:

    Im better now Its a simple IP adress mistake

  421. The oil drum recipe isnt that hard… all it is 3 burning metal and 3 gasoline. if that doesnt work then try 3 gasoline and 3 burning metal

  422. godfather932 Says:

    i notice survival apocalypse ended after one year only.

  423. macedonianelite Says:

    no it ended from 3 years ago ive been here ages

  424. godfather932 Says:

    3 years?

  425. masterjames12345 Says:

    how do you make metal blades

  426. mr10suckeggs Says:


  427. mr10suckeggs Says:

    O.K since the game is over I would like U 2 know that I know the secret recipie for GOL-Sm

    Send me a FR for a ROBLOXian named mr10suckeggs

    • There is no recipe for it, all he says is “Admin + Persistent person = 50% chance for it. So yes, there is NO recipe for it.

  428. godfather932 Says:

    recipie? for GOL is that real?

  429. Yes there is a GOL recipe

  430. mr10suckeggs Says:

    nice a nub clamin 2 be daBloxxar

  431. med brick shelter is only requires 1 wood instead of two, found out…….. took me some time but found out in the end.

  432. mr10suckeggs Says:

    ahem* If admins actually did come they would have deleated this whole place up D:

    No Recipies that needs fire should be posted

  433. mr10suckeggs Says:

    Adn garnold never said that there is a recipie 4 GOL-SM

  434. Outdated a little.

  435. ummmmmmmmmmm what about radio or clock

  436. mr10suckeggs Says:

    Guys send me a Frend Request Im bored and in need of new BF’s [best friends]

  437. what does the stable mill do

  438. Sirpownsalot Says:

    The wired gate now is, Two Brick walls, one Bonded metal bar, a circuit board, and a wire.

  439. bob kaminske Says:


  440. mr10suckeggs Says:

    is any1 still onlene????

  441. what is recipe for brick gate? or makeshift brick gate

  442. Len9Kagamine Says:

    Someone can tell how can i get stringes and how can i use (make works) the torch

  443. philiptheninja Says:

    Survival apocalypse is AWESOMEE

  444. Lol Lol LOl forgot this isent survival 404 πŸ˜›

  445. does anyone where to get string?

  446. garnold should really add a kick system people are just stealing your hard worked base i got lie 5-10 survival pack and he ate them all and kill me whenever i get up there

  447. this is the best πŸ™‚

  448. mr10suckeggs Says:


  449. mr10suckeggs Says:

    Tesla water filters have been removed

  450. godfather932 Says:

    thats old news

  451. Colony Gate = 1 Bonded metal bar + 3 wooden barricades.

  452. BloodLustXIII Says:

    anyone know how to make a button for doors?

  453. mr10suckeggs Says:


  454. Guys How To Make Strings

  455. mr10suckeggs Says:

    Knew It garnoled Made a new place with anti PVp πŸ˜€

  456. GoldenHugoBoss Says:

    i think the best place to build on a map is in the whearhouse, but i keep on dieing there can anyone help me find a good place!!!

  457. IMALEGOMAN! Says:

    what about string?

  458. Does anybody knows how to make a string?

  459. Neonkillah Says:


  460. I Don’t know but I saw an Invisible dude exploding everything!! Even when no one is in or near my base…… Who is this fella must be a hacker ehh??

  461. I saw this one guy with a long black rifle, It looked like an M107. Does anyone know how to make it?

  462. godfather932 Says:

    so should we add the fruitcake recipe or add also the new car recipe?

  463. godfather932 Says:

    actually theres string garnold fixed it its 1 rope

  464. Guys Do you know the secret cave
    I know where.
    But not telling.
    Inside there is pile of bricks, stock wood, refrigirator and metal bars
    but be carefull
    there are zombies and it has water on it
    i dunno how to drain it

  465. Guys Did you already saw a smoker on Survival Apocalypes
    I saw a smoking
    If he touch you
    You will get kicked

  466. string is 1 Rope + Create Item = 2 string

  467. mr10suckeggs Says:

    Happy New Year…!

  468. i found out string its rope crafted item

  469. i know were to get ak47

  470. zeldafan19 Says:

    lol i joined a server i was all alone i made a huge base 3 turbines 5 solar panels electric fences all around my base gates around all entrance spots a huge weapons stache some1 joined tried to raid me he got pwned thx to this ii wouldnt have known how to make all that stuff

  471. How do I make a fire?

  472. Cart Frame-
    1 wooden barricade + 1 wooden barricade

  473. metal blade= burning metal hit with hammer
    pure plastic= discarded plastic heated

  474. mr10suckeggs Says:

    U get a lighter and burn a enemy’s wooden wall xD

  475. mr10suckeggs Says:

    Its not a cave :/ its a subway

  476. how do you make string?

  477. zeldafan19 Says:

    how do you make a medium brick shelter this one doesnt work anymore

  478. Barbie&Ken Says:

    How do i make string?!

  479. Do you know how to make a helicopter with missles?

  480. guys is there a barbed wire here?

  481. SUPERSONICJET123 Says:


  482. were do u find string on the map?

  483. Adobe Hut: Sand Wall+ Sand Wall+ Sand Wall+ Sand Wall+ Stock Wood+ Stock Wood

  484. you make string by crafting rope(create item)

  485. um guys how do you make metal blades?

  486. Ok guys, I’ll be fixing this article up. And removing the wrong ones until I can get them right but one thing, don’t expect me to post future recipes… if any other authors do, they do it.

  487. Antonious8236 Says:

    How do you refil a gas container?

  488. coolmanaryan333 Says:

    How to give electricity to a fence?

  489. how do a make a fire

  490. Best way to stay safe while your going out for a while, get gas then burn the gas then forage it. now when ever you want a forge you can use the gas. πŸ˜€

  491. how to open the box?

  492. Garnold's Fan Says:

    it needs to have a bulletproof vest too

  493. Garnold's Fan Says:

    i know how to make a bulletproof vest
    its easy just 2 metal blades 2 clay and 1 rope
    i found it out on 3/15/2012
    so i hope it helps ^_^

  494. the ctrl F isn’t working D: i was really counting on that is it for macs?

  495. Its command+F

  496. TheEpicXDFace is an hacker. Deletes your gun, your stuff,your…EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    lol when i try to stack grapes the grapes explode XD

  498. I hate noobs and guests are scary Says:

    Do you know at you can also get blueberry pie.
    one blueberry + dough = uncooked blueberry pie.
    Then you set it on fire until it become puple.
    The sad thing with that is when I made that last, someone destroys mine base and stole my 3 fresh blueberry pies.

  499. mr10suckeggs Says:

    Update teh guide…

  500. sairuserodan Says:

    the recipe in the Med brick shelter this 2012 its actually 3 brick walls+ 2 bondened metal+ 1 stock wood create tool (|[ NOT 2 STOCK WOODS]|)

  501. Garnold is one of the most organized person i know so he is awsome

  502. omg this website so helped me i’m go on this everyday XD
    but really it did

  503. mariomario7602996 Says:

    You forgot machete = 1 metal blade crafted into a tool

  504. how to I farm?

  505. AfricaDead Says:

    how to make rubber?

  506. SERIES123 Says:

    How do you make gunpowder?

  507. zombieliker485464 Says:

    how do you make a explosive bomb??

  508. mr10suckeggs Says:

    Guys.the Recepie list is outdated pleace Update it
    Reply with a “Yes” if U wanna get it updated

  509. how to make a AKA-47

  510. Does anybody know of the strange place in desert of the dead (The Huge one)? you can get bottled blood!!!!!!!!!!

  511. It is through a wall in the cave in the corner.

  512. dacksplane200 Says:

    I noticed a wierd thing on a map When i went through its wall i saw some kind of an alien tech thing?????

  513. Hey guys, thanks for the list. How do I make rubber though? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I can’t figure it out. Thx

  514. I know LAZ 2 but not dah other snipah 😦

  515. DanShowsNoMercy Says:

    when you make like a forge, how do you move it to another location or how do you put weapons in your weapon’s pocket

  516. how do you make a ak-47 or a barret 50 caliber

  517. dahrealdyl Says:

    Can you make a machete?

  518. how do i find pure plastic

  519. copymyfaceisepic Says:

    dewd It helped me alot…

  520. liutsikas233 Says:

    guys… to those who diee misteariously for once… CHECK YOUR DAmN HUNGER AND THIRST!
    here is a tip on how to find out if you die in hunger/thirst…
    when you die and respawn your hunger/thirst are both 100 if you die from hunger/thirst
    if some1 kills you that means your hunger/thirst is same as when you were! did i answer your damn invisable foe question?

  521. nvm i found out on my own

  522. Blahblahblah Says:

    This game isn’t keeping yourself alive from zombies, it’s protect yourself from noobs.

  523. Best guide for roblox ever thnx

  524. scotty1113 Says:

    medium brick shelter does not even work! :l

  525. people u should add me on roblox my name is roblomuscleman900

  526. JonShowsNoMercy Says:

    How do you open crates?

  527. Where do i find pure plastic, is it like the nail, where you find it at a certain location, or do i make it (like placing plastic on a fire)

  528. draear23 Says:

    i hate this world I WANT A FRICKEN CHAIN GUN OR MABEY…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. A RPG :3

  529. please tell me how to make a fire pit D:

  530. they forgot machete : 1 metal blade

  531. how do you make an eltric fence work

  532. EvilRex001 Says:

    How do you make a string?

  533. RJ72800 Says:

    i think there should be a colinysawn made with 4 pure plastic and none flameibele and u make string out of 1 rope

  534. Guest22932 Says:

    omg HACKERS everywhere i hate it ive met people that use MODS or so they say theyve banned people and stole robux from people

  535. Chienpogo Says:

    How do you make gunpowder??

  536. smple to mak string just you need 2 rope then craft it in to item.

  537. Worldslargesttaco Says:

    GUYS! another invisible man attacked me i was alone in the server and there were no zombies his name is puffin and sum numbers i do believe tht so if u get any strange reports plz message me

  538. how do i make brick house shelter he big 1

  539. biodeisol changed it i corn prossesd

  540. how do i make wire?????

  541. people can fly and get the LAZ2 and ak47 without admin

  542. Agentcamtho Says:

    A Recipe that’s not said here… Bullet proof vest= 2 Metal Blades+2 Clay +1 rope (Once you make it place it, then walk into it and you will wear it) it basically makes you a bit tougher vs other players

    • Agentcamtho Says:

      Be sure to be careful then you dont use the move tool on it, its cant collide so it will fall through the plate if you do, just walk into it after placing it from your inventory

  543. Guys 870 MCS can be found beside the shop.The 870 MCS is in the crate you can use crowbar or metal bar to get it.4 bullets per ammo.

  544. Did they change the regular fishing rod recipe, or was it just a glitch? I tried making a regular one with burning metal and 2 strings, but it only gave me the option for a crude fishing rod.

  545. arvin282828 Says:


  546. Sergantbloxor678 Says:

    Wanna tip? To get AK-47 and LAZ 2 in the map with the military island in it, go into the montain range by the super market. You’ll find a cave, so navigate through it, and check to make sure all is what is seems. The guns are in massive crates, so good luck finding em, losers! =3

  547. Thanks for helping me. Every time I play this game, I’ll open a new tab for these recipes.

  548. Well i checked them out and they ALL work. Good job Garnold! πŸ™‚

  549. it work foword but not back word

  550. there is an servivil apocolps fan club and on its comment page it said some thing abuot how to craft a hele cpter that si very ease to be shoot down tell me if u hear any thing abuot it

  551. that is not a joke i relly heard it

  552. hay guys i know ware laz 2 and ak r

  553. masage me on roblox if u want to know my user name RJ72800 by the way my charictor looks difrent now

  554. can anyone tell me how to make an oil berrel? πŸ˜›

  555. I’m a complete noob.. but, how do you get seeds from a seed pack?

  556. marcelino77 Says:

    how to make armor?

  557. soldierman11 Says:

    if you guys were looking for the official wiki of this game, here’s the link:

  558. Kettu The Fox (I