Guide 2.0

This guide was made for the people who do not want to be aggressive and want to find out more about Survival than Apocalypse.

–Table of Contents–

1. Getting started

2. Know

3. Ensure yer food and drinks

4. Making the tools

5. Creating the ultimate colony

(Optional)6. Knowing and using the weapons

7. Miscellaneous things about Survival Apocalypse

1. Getting started

Survival: Apocalypse is a survival game (obviously) therefore your main objective is to survive. Survive. You can see your hunger and thirst on the right side (Yay for GUIs!) that will continually decrease. (If not, check your connection or the other people, if no one moves, you have experienced.. THE LAG OF NO RETURN! But I am digressing again, damn.)

You can’t swim for long. Believe me. Don’t fall in water or you’ll die if you don’t have something to climb up.

You have these tools: (Hotkeys:[-])
Drag[V]: With the means of telekinesis or some other paranormal activities, you can move things near you to another place. Really helpful.
Forage[F]: Get close to something and it shall tell you what is it. (If not, it’s not something you can forage.) Click on something and you will start to forage…watch the green bar at the left. If you have finished, the foraged item shall get in your…
Inventory[Z]: You can hold a maximum of 20 items. If you forage something it shall be shown in there. Click on something you want to drop and..drop it! Right click food items to eat/drink.
Craft[X]: You can craft tools and items with this! Just select the items you want to craft (click on them) click on Craft Item or Craft Tool and voilá! If you have a correct recipe you should now have another tool or another item in your backpack.
Other tools: The tools you crafted should show up next to Craft. You can have guns, melee weapons, hammers, buildings, and more! (If you die, you lose everything you have in your other tools section.)

To store a tool, say store/Tool. To take it, click on the Tools pocket in your backpack and click the tool you want to take.

2. Know thy…map?

Currently there are about 9 maps. (I know most of them but not the names, so if I am wrong, correct me.) The maps are:

Garn Harbor: As the very first map, Garn Harbor is shown on the map. It consists of mainly two or three areas: Under the Stairs, The Gun Shop and its area and the Rest. Easily recognizable for the map shows the same thing.Best area for lazy-bones is the Cargo Ship as it has infinite food and water just outside, but it is a good barricade against zombies too.

Desierto de los Muertos: Meaning “Desert of the Dead”, this map is recognizable from…it’s a greeeeat desert. And so, there are a few building and a HUUGE area around them. Best area for lazy-bones is the gas station, has both food, water, gasoline, scrap metal and stock wood. Wuh.

Seaside City: Recognizable from having a grocery store, Seaside City is a city near the sea. (Obviously.) Best area for lazy-bones is the grocery store because of the infinite food and drink over there, just make sure you close the door with a gate and burn any ladders that are made to help noobs come in. NO ONE SHALL ENTER THE MAGNIFICENT STORE BUT YOU. And it has stock wood and scrap metal too!

Sunset City: Recognizable from looking like Seaside City, BUT IT ISN’T, also having a small shop with gasoline/gas station with a shop, Sunset City, as mentioned above, is roughly the same color and shape as Seaside City, but it has many different opportunities. Best area for the slothful is the grocery store.

Port Arthur: Recognizable from starting mainly from a small area with an apartment and a gun shop that is leading to a great area by means of a bridge, this is one of the newer maps made by Arthur258. There is a cargo ship AND a grocery store, so the slothful have a variety of places to settle at.

Farmers’ Valley:  Recognizable from being a great, grassy city with hills and a river not being crossed by anything, Farmer’s Valley is a real place to live. Unaffected by the apocalypse’s “concrete-maker” abilities,  its grassy land is available to all. Unfortunately, the zombies came here too. Best area for the slothful? The cargo ship and the area near it. Believe me, it is.

Desert of the Dead: A GIGANTIC desert map that is near impossible to travel and get items fast. There was a tank before it was removed and is a good candidate for giant bases. Also named the same as the smaller desert map albeit a lot bigger… and did I mention it was big?

Bloxxer’s Bay: (Made by DaBloxxer)Contains multiple health harming toxins, a new boat, and looks like a city being made… which it probably is. Not much to it that I know of though..

Deserted City: (Made by BubbNutt)A city of sand, not desert, but sand. It is a city that has been left to become trash. There is 1 secret area in it which contains many zombie seeds. Also has 2 gun shop but which one is blocked off by moveable sand. Also, the remnants of the zombies wander around praying on whoever is left alive. Many of the buildings are tipped so it will be hard to use skyscrapers as a point to start a wall. There is also no ocean.

3. Ensure yer food and drinks

You can have a variety of food and drinks in the world of Survival:Apocalypse, like:
Canned Meat and Bottled Water: The core of all food and drinks, these items are found in crates outside cargo ships and in the grocery store, also in apartments at the start of the server.
Fruit Juice and Lemonade: There’s a limited amount of these in apartments and in the grocery store. Be sure to stock up on these drinks if you don’t have a place with infinite drinks to settle.
Candy Bar and Pepsi: Found in vending machines in the dept. store and outside the hospital, or any place like this, these treats don’t fill up all your needs…but the vending machine has all of them. In the world. Well, at least the “Candy Bar and Pepsi” factories give half the products to these. Just make sure you have some pennies left over.

Also, you can farm and fish, here is how it goes:
Fishing: First make a dock,recipe listed in Recipe List. You will have 5 rods at the right side of it, craft one into a tool and there you go! Click on the water with the tool, and when it says “A *fishname* IS BITING!” in the top left corner, press Q repeatedly as fast as you can and if you succeed you will eventually catch some fish. Don’t forget to cook them!
Farming: Get some Fertile Soil from the Seed Shop, then get some seeds or seed packs. Place your fertile soil, get your craft tool and click on the soil, the seed pack and press “Process Item”! Wait and you will grow some yummy vegetables! 100% organic and tasty treats including Carrots, Pumpkins, Grapes, Beef Jerky (o.O) and Wheat.
You can’t eat wheat, but make a mill, make some flour from wheat bundles, then make a bucket and wet the flour to make dough, then craft the dough to make bread, then cook it! It’s that simple.
(Varieties of Bread listed in Recipe List.)

To drink or eat, you have to forage the items and then go into your inventory. Right click the item and hold, then drag your mouse over the Eat/Drink button.

4. Making the tools

Face the issue: you can’t live in the world of Survival:Apocalypse without tools. You can have various tools for a wide range of usage including fishing, killing, self-defense, defense, safety, security, curiosity, and more! Here are some tools and what they do, you can find the recipes in the recipe list.


Forge: Light it and it will have infinite fire!
Small, Medium Shelter:
Defend against the trials of nature by crafting these!
: Make bread! Oh yeah.
Wall: Keep yer hands away from my outpost!
Gate: You can enter. And press the green button to let others enter too.
Sand Water Filter: Fresh water in the land of no fresh water.

[Note: If you place a building, it will show up in the Building Menu on the top of the screen, yoz can delete them, retool them or transfer them to someone else.]


Lighters: Light things on fire! Not recommended for noobies, though.
Fishing Rod: Fish, come on, fish!
Hammer: Open those pesky crates and reveal the mighty things inside!
Bucket: Douse fires, douse thirst!

5.Creating the ultimate colony

You can live in solo, but that isn’t the real fun. The real fun is when you have a great colony with jobs assorted for everyone and the machine of colonization and survivalization is working fast.
To make a colony, click on the “Show Colony menu” button at the top of the screen, set your name (Recommended names: “The Ultimate Traders”, “The Grocery Store Pwners”, “The Blasphemous League of Raiders” or something like this.) and click “Create a Colony”.

Bam! You shall now have a colony with you as the leader. To invite someone, type their name onto the box on the left and press “Invite”, to change someone’s job, type in the job and then press “Change this member’s job” at someone and to banish someone press “Banish” at someone’s name. You can also send a tribe-wide message that only members can hear. Good for sharing recipes and making evil plans.

With a colony, a good plan, some positions (Farmer, Fisherman, Gatherer, Cook, Guard and more) you can achieve the maximum! But what if you are as aggressive as binkids and want some REAL ASS-KICKIN’ METAL-BENDING WOOD-BREAKING MADNESS FUN?! Read the next chapter!

(Optional)6. Raiding and Weapons for Dummies

Knowing the weapons and using them can mean a great advantage. If you want to raid, kill, snipe or anything that involves killing or just simply want some self-defense, read this.
Here are some of the weapons you can use:


Pistol: Semi-automatic and medium damage. Found in gunshop. All rounder weapon… just watch out from getting too close to shotgunners though!
Rifle: Semi-automatic but slower then pistol but has a higher accuracy and damage. Found in gunshops and crates. They can be upgraded with scope to become a sniper rifle! Be warned that it shoots slower and reloads slower.
Scoped Rifle: Rifle with a scope mounted. Best for long ranged combat or assassinations.
AK-47: Full auto assault rifle with a high amount of damage. Holds 30 per clip and is best for mid/close ranged combat! Only found on 1 map.
GOL: Admin only sniper rifle. [CLASSIFIED]
LAZ-2: Admin only sniper rifle but one exists on a map. [CLASSIFIED]

Machete: A near 1 hit kill weapon. Especially useful against zombies but hard to aim at players.
Nailed Wood: Self-defense for the penniless.
Metal Bar: Low damage and near useless weapon. Good for opening crates and a starter weapon
Crowbar: The classic “I break into your home” weapon. Does a fine amount of damage and opens crates.(Just like the movies)
Hammer: Medium damage and is used to make metal blades for a even deadlier weapon, the machete or other things.

If you want to raid someone, think with their heads. They are poor, helpless, and they surely don’t want to have their goods, which was gathered in hours, taken. If you still want to raid, make a plan. There are some advices and methods of raiding. And also, expect retaliation of sorts

Open Raiding:(Mental Warfare(#1))
Surround their base and try and intimidate them like “GIVE ME YOUR GOODS OR YOU WILL BE KILLED!” If a weapon is pulled out by the raided, kill them.
*comment: (RANKING 1/10) isn’t the best if you are fighting against veterans, more people, or well armed people… intimidation doesn’t usually work in general
Get your colony together and attack their base. If you have enough fire power and people, you should be able to get away with a hefty amount of loot.
*comment: (RATING 3/10) Due to the fact that they could see you coming, you’ll have to outnumber and/or outgun them with better weapons

Chaos Raiding:
Focus on tribes that strongly depend on their leader. As the leader is out of sight, kill him/her and hope for the members to leave and look for him/her while you take some stuff
*comment:(RATING 2.5/10) Most tribes don’t usually work with a absolute leader and wouldn’t worry about the death and will wait for the leader to come back while continuing daily jobs.
Tools that are needed are oil drums, lighter, and gas canister. Use the gas canister and make everything in their base burnable and place oil drums around the gate. Once done, get ready to set fire. Have a few men distract them as you light everything and as everything explodes, kill them as fast as you can. Then, take their loot and run
*comment:(RATING 4/10) If they notice any of what your doing, they have time to counter and take you guys out and the oil drums to…

Shadow Raiding:(Sneak Raid)
Get near base without somebody noticing you. If they find you, act innocent and say you were just checking something out. Then, slowly take the guards out. Hopefully, their pals would suspect hunger instead of raiders and go back doing their jobs. You need to be fast at take their stuff as the get back. You’ll have to hope their pals don’t spot you sneaking in and attacking you. If they do, fight back and once they come back from spawn, you should be far away with loot.
*comment:(RATING 1.5/10) It is hard taking out people without others getting suspicious and you’ll most likely end up in a firefight.. with you dieing. And while stealing, they are likely to find you and while immobile, kill you.

Spy Raiding:
This type of raiding involves one going in as a spy and joining the colony. Once he has information and maybe some materials, have him come back and give his/her report to the colony. Once decided, when he gives off a signal, have your men attack while the inside man causes confusion and assassinations. Then steal their loot and leave.
*comment:(RATING 7.5/10) I great plan in my opinion due to the fact that the spy can cause mass chaos giving raiders an upper hand
Have a few men infiltrate the base and while the colony isn’t looking, take some of their stuff and say your gathering resources when your done and go back to your base
*comment:(RATING 6.5/10) If you get caught, your done. It is also harder to steal rarer stuff without getting caught to

7. Miscellaneous things about Survival Apocalypse

Smithing: “A metalsmith, often shortened to smith, is a person involved in making metal objects.”(Quote from Wikipedia)
“A smith hits burning metallic things with a hammer to make something gooooood.” (Quote from me)
Yup, to smith you need a hammer (How to get it? Haven’t you read chapter 6? Go read! :3) and you need to hit a burning metal with it. There’s only one item you can make yet: the Machete.

Electricity:With the help of falconscar, I will now tell you how electricity and electricity-related buildings work. Get a battery, wiring plyers and an electricity-requiring machine (tesla water filter;electric fence). Select your wiring plyers, click on the battery and hold the mouse, release it on the white box next to your machine. Until the battery runs out, that will work fine.

Charging Batteries: Build a Solar Panel or Wind Turbine. With your wiring plyers click on the battery and hold the mouse, release it on the white box next to your electricity-making machine. You will see a message like “PowerBox connected to Battery”, then wait for your battery to charge up, and then you’re ready to go!

Secret Places:With the help of Dragon5293, I will now try to tell you the maps’ hidden, bonus-filled areas.
Garn Harbor->The South Beach: Visible from the back of the cargo ship, this giant mass of land can be reached by a boat and can provide total separation from noobs.
Desierto de los Muertos->The Zombie Cave: Appearing to make no sense and use, a giant zombie-infested cave is there in one of the hills, but there is an opening in the ceiling somewhere. Up there is plastic, metal and 10 zombie seeds!
Farmers’ Valley: The Wall of Deception: In Farmers’ Valley, in the great gray mountain there is a secret cave which can be reached by going through a wall. There are storage crates inside, and dirt.
Sunset City->Sunset Cave: Tucked away in a corner, this cave has metal, wood, dirt, 5 crates with good contents and seeds including zomb seeds. The exact location wasn’t told me, but it’s close to a  “crate with a drumstick on it”.

Rubber: To get rubber you need to burn cars’ and trucks’ wheels, If they are red, forage them, and crafting that rubber can become a shaped rubber.

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  2. But you are forget some weapons

    Rusty Metal Bar – Scrap Metal Crafted into a tool. Also for the Penniless.
    Metal Bar – One of the Strongest Mele Weapons, Bash a Zombie on the head… It dies.

    Hammer – Not only a powerful weapon, Also a Smithing too to make Machetes.

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  5. almightydiodavid Says:

    There’s a Recipe List on the page. It’s on the right side, just scroll up and look right. That’s why I said “see Recipe List” .

    Also, I didn’t make the game. Garnold did, thank him.

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  11. falconscar Says:

    If you want to know how to power electric buildings, here it is:
    First build a electric user(electric fence,Tesla water filter),then get a battery, after this get wiring plyers(1 metal Blade+1Pure Plastic),and click and HOLD on the battery,next RELEASE ur click on the white box by the electric building,the building will be charged until the battery runs out. <–This is not necesairily the order of the steps.

    How to CHARGE batteries:
    Build a Power Box(Solar Panel,Wind Generator) and get a depleted battery, use your wiring plyers and click and HOLD on the white box by the Power Box(Solar panel,Wind generator), then RELEASE your click on the battery, you will see a message something liek this "PowerBox has been conected to Battery" after this wait for your battery to charge up and repeat the first process.

    Tips:I would advice you to have more than one battery, so that you can connect one to the building while waiting for the otehr battery to charge.

    The second process is not necesairy, but it can save you inventroy space or long trips to the crates where they are located.

    Electric Fences will deplete the battery after 1 kill,you must note that.

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  16. Okay here we go, The actual location of Sunset Cave is described somewhat similar to this: If you start at the warehouse on the map, then go out side via a window, and look about a bit, assuming the crates still have the decals on them look around somewhat up towards the sky, and a very tall building should have an odd decal inside a window, Head in that direction, the decal inside that tall building is slapped onto a crate of water, just at the bottom of that building is the Drumstick crate, now look around a bit more there’s a big bulging rock sticking from the wall, follow its walls until you see a small crack, in there should be a black wall, get into the crack and walk through the black wall area (it only symbolises darkness) and Viola Sunset Cave. *Note* I haven’t verified this and I assume that it was some other person blocking the entrance at the time, but a friend of mine tried to get in there and he kept flying back, Its possible garnold decided to remove it but I still think someone else had a couple Owner Only gates in there, and since the black wall thing isn’t the easiest to turn the camera and see what’s inside through it, he couldn’t tell. But otherwise its a really Great place to go when in Sunset City, And as an added humorous bonus it has a dead guy in a blood spatter in there. Lol.

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  18. There’s another little secret place in Port Arthur you forgot to mention. In the area behind the gas station tucked away in a corner there are some stairs that lead down to a flooded subway, however this is an odd subway because the engine appears to be a steam locomotive and it’s carrying crates of infinite wood, metal and bricks. Rafts are useless though, the ceiling is so low that they’ll try and drop from street level, so you’re only option is to brave the water and then climb on top of the cars while you forage. And by the way, just to save anyone who is curious whether or not the subway leads somewhere else, it doesn’t, I check myself and it ends in that mysterious dark wall in both directions :/ bit of a crappy subway design don’t you think?

  19. LOL i just noticed this scrap metal has few uses but has the MOST important role in the game

    • You are TOTALLY.WRONG.ON.EPIC.PROPORTIONS. Scrap metal is used for (I think) a base for EVERY.EXISTING.BUILDING.ON.THE. ENTIRE.GAME!

      • dude its use to make stuff for ecample 1scrap+1scrap=1tide burn it on forge you got bonded add three barricade you craft it you got makeshift set /corner /gate/wall

  20. Weird, I heard people in an S:A server at the map, Desert of the Dead, talking about a secret place with 10 zombie seeds. Is that true?

    • almightydiodavid Says:

      I got the information from Dragon5293 that there indeed is a secret place. Check out Guide 2.0 – Miscellanous things – Secret Places. It’s written there.

      • yeah there is. I found it by accident actually, i was trying to escape zombies in there (was looking for a rifle) randomly had a ladder set it up and got in there. Its in the roofz

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  22. guys, have you sen that we start to use shortcuts and many ppl don’t know them! belove i will list popular shortcuts used in game when you telling recipes

    these are:

    TMB – Tied Metal Bar

    BMB – Bounded Metal Bar

    SM – Scrap Metal

    SW – Stock Wood

    PoB – Pile of Bricks (this one tend to pull ppl off mostly)

    BW – Brick Wall (or is it St.W – Stone Wall, i’m not sure)

    WB – Wooden Barricade

    GP – Glass Pane

    Gs – Gasoline

    Gl – Glass

    S – Sand

    W – Wire

    CB – Circuit Board

    Bt – Battery

    DP – Discarded Plastic

    PP – Pure Plastic

    i think these are all (i’ve missed shorts for foods and structures as that they not as used as these). if there are more which you know and haven’t been put in pls list them below. i also will aprichiate if you include them to guide 2.0.

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    • its on the recipe page, 2 pure plastic 1 gass craft tool, click the front of the vehicle your filling up. when its empty use it and click on one square of gas and it refills the Gas Container. And continually reuse it as needed.

  28. “Crate with Drumstick on it” is a food crate… ive been in the cave… i love it! its my favorite place… ive known it sense day… 4? or was it 3? Er-em! Anyways, I’ve known it a VERY long time 😀

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    • lol, Just climb up to the highest point in the mountain, but not the top, the second highest part, the sort of ridge/balcony there. Walk around, and there is a strange small protrusion of rock there that seems a bit out of place when you could have just resized the brick to fit the gap, but back to the point. Go first person view turn sideways and walk directly at it. You should walk INTO it. From there kinda do a spin and you should see the way in, Walk sideways from there or you wont fit.

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  46. I played S:A when games like call of duty 5 (note: not call of robloxia 5) were popular, at that time there was 2 hidden places.(not sure what map)

    1: A large garage u could enter by pressing a button, inside there will be a huge truck with 3 sections (all empty) and 500 fuel. u could place bricks on it and u’d have a moving base! (most of the time raiders will try and burn it, they only burn it when one of the wheels were damaged). U should be able to stay on 4 as long as there is fuel, but lots of times food becomes short or the truck get stuck.

    2:A underground base full of weapons, ammo, food and drink, as well as a greenhouse, but zombies often go down there.

  47. there is some raiding plans i found good

    siege: surround the area and make sure nobody gets out, if they don’t have any food or water inside they will starve and die.

    fast raid: storm them by surprise with skateboards, they will find it hard to hit u and u can take them out, doesn’t work when there are high fences.

    distracting raid: have 1-3 people go to the back and distract them (shooting, using fire or displaying good things) then when they go out and attack them, storm in and and get out. perfect if u are outnumbered

    ultimate fire raid: light some gas and forage it before it goes out, take it to enemy base and set fire to buildings inside AND outside by moving the things around with move tool, then attack as soon as the walls burn down. If u do this raid, chances are that even if u all get killed, their buildings will be destroyed too.

    sea raid: get lots of rafts and attack by sea.

    Siege tower raid: get a truck and build a few stock wood on top (ladders will also work) swarm up the walls and raid, but DON’T forget about getting out (as my group found out with dismay, we couldn’t do a thing)

    ranged raid: have 2-4 snipers take out all( or most) of the enemy, get in and get out fast. IMPORTANT: must have 2 or more snipers, or else they will get back faster then u kill them.

    building siege raid: build a gate outside to stop them from getting out this will make them starve if they have no food or water, or build some defenses to make your siege easier.

    parajump raid: don’t laugh!, as silly as it sounds it can be very effective!, if enemy base is near a high building, jump from it and land inside the walls, with luck they’ll just think that u are in their group!

    • also a backup plan for a fail with the ammo pack not attaching correctly use ladders and make bridges over the colony. usually this will success since colonies DON’T ever shoot down no birds what would be the purpose to look up? :3

  48. for any siege raid, everyone must be ready to help another out in case of someone breaking out. Also hide behind things so that u don’t get picked off by marksman.

  49. zombie siege!: lead a group of zombies to enemy base, u only need to get 10-20 zombies and it’ll take around 10-20 mins for the enemy to kill all the zombies and in that time u can do something else, if u are lucky then the zombies might get in and kill everyone, best used with ultimate fire siege.
    (build something to keep zombies in!)

    also usable with zombie seeds.

    • grimreaper470606 Says:

      how are you supposed to get that many zeds to follow you without them killing each other first witch would turn into an epic fail …

  50. i have a question that i am clueless about; how do you get metal blades??

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    he added new maps. i dont know the names. ones a snow town thingy and theres a city type map there could be more to i dont remember. go on and see. dont forget about the colony gate too

  52. Hey Dragon, i would like to play with you sometime, and, seeing as how much you know, learn from you as we go along, then i could teach the rest of the population! POPERS39 is also my username!

  53. wat do u use rubber 4

  54. please reply to me

  55. I know more secret places than that there’s one in the port author mountains far side and the other I will not say cause its my thing only

  56. Hello! I want to say that this post is awesome. I would like to see more like this! Cheers!

  57. I have a good raiding plan

    Get some zombie seeds and get somebody to distract the colony and then when the colony is out plant all of your zombie seeds.(They grow pretty fast.) and when the people are killing the zombies you should be far away with an inventory full of loot

  58. killerbat6445 Says:

    i like to pull a 007 when raiding

  59. NICHOLASBLUE821 Says:

    If this was not in the guide,I’m going to say it:
    Port arthur->Hidden cave
    Remember when it said that the AK-47 and LAZ 2 were in a map?Go to the market,climb to the roof,Go straight untill you see water,Go left untill You see a cave,Go to the right place in there,and you’ll find the two hidden weapons!

  60. I used to play it a lot. Then my internet crashed, the game was shutdown, and I just lost interest. I might pick back up, but Survival 303, Apoc Rising…both on my mind.

  61. A fascinating discussion is worth comment. I
    do believe that you ought to write more on this subject, it may not be
    a taboo matter but generally folks don’t speak about such subjects. To the next! All the best!!streetdirectory

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