Recipes v.2!

A page for the recipes of Survival Apocalypse v.2!


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  1. Jedistalker101 Says:

    v2.0.0 Recipe List
    ROBLOX Name: Jedistalker101

    Survival: Apocalypse 2 Recipe List


    Rusty Metal Bar–1 Scrap Metal
    Metal Bar–1 Burning Metal
    Machete–1 Metal Blade
    Pistol–1 Pistol
    Rifle–1 Rifle
    870 Combat–870 Combat
    Makeshift Skate Board–1 Stock Wood + 1 Scrap Metal
    Faulty Lighter–1 Discarded Plastic + 1 Gasoline
    Plastic Lighter–1 Pure Plastic + Gasoline

    –Building Blocks–

    Rope–2 Stalks
    Tied Metal Bar–1 Scrap Metal + 1 Rope
    Bonded Metal Bar–3 Burning Metal OR placing a Tied Metal Bar over a fire
    Glass–Sand (Melt it over a fire)
    Glass Pane–2 Glass
    Wooden Barricade–2 Stock Wood + 1 Nail
    Brick Wall–2 Brick Pile
    Sand Blocks–2 Wet Sand
    Sand Walls–3 Sand Blocks
    -Not Quite Sure-
    Cart Frame–2 Wooden Barricades + 1 Nail
    Engine–2 Burning Metal+1 Wire+1 Rope+ 1 Gasoline


    Forge–2 Brick Piles + 1 Scrap Metal + 2 Stock Wood + 1 Nail
    Stable Wall [Wooden]–1 Bonded Metal Bar + 3 Wooden Barricade + 1 Nail
    Makeshift Brick Wall–1 Tied Metal Bar + 3 Brick Wall
    Makeshift Wooden Wall–1 Tied Metal Bar + 3 Wooden Barricade + 1 Nail
    Greenhouse–2 Bonded Metal Bars + 2 Stock Wood + 2 Glass Pane + 1 Nail
    Makeshift Gate/Dock–2 Tied Metal Bars+1 Wooden Barricade+1 Stock Wood+Nail
    Med. Brick Shelter–3 Brick Walls+2 Bonded Metal Bars+2 Stock Wood

    Many Others…can’t be bothered to write them all…

    • Jedistalker101 Says:

      Here’s a hint (that explains it all…):

      Everything that includes wood in it (Stock Wood, Woodedn Barricade, and Cart Frame) has a Nail at the end. Things that don’t have wooded things in it is pretty much the same.

  2. Jedistalker101 Says:

    Windmill/Solar Panels–Old Recipe + Nail

  3. Small Wooden Ladder = 2 Stock Wood + Nail
    Wooden Ladder = 3 Stock Wood + Nail
    Adobe items = 4 Sand Wall + 2 Stock Wood (not sure about this one, maybe add a nail?)
    Makeshift Skateboard = Stock Wood + 2 Scrap Metal
    Makeshift Dock = Wooden Barricade + 2 Stock Wood + Nail (not sure about this one either)
    Glass Cup = Glass
    Blueberry Juice = Glass Cup + Blueberry
    Blueberry Pie = Dough + Blueberry
    Rope = Stalk
    Tied Metal Bar = 2 Scrap Metal + Rope
    Bonded Metal Bar = 2 Burning Metal

    The Caravan got pulled from the game. I don’t know if that includes the Cart Frame or not.

    The original Ladder got changed completely; I have no idea what the recipe is now.

    The Rusty Bucket was changed as well (it’s no longer Scrap Metal + Rope), though the regular Metal Bucket was unaffected.

    The Engine is the same as it was; so is the Sand Water Filter.

  4. Anyone know how to create a fishing rod

  5. how do u make a metal blade… i cant find this anywere

  6. Stock wood + nail = spiked wood

  7. 4 wood + 1 nail = Ladder.
    2 pure plastic + 1 Circuit Board + 1 wire = Clock/Radio.

  8. Phatbanana Says:

    Where do i get nails XD?

  9. Heerecomesteboom2 Says:

    This is what I know-

    1. Pistol= pistol
    2. Rifle= Rifle
    3. Shotgun= shotgun
    4. Scope= Burning Metal + Glass
    5. Glass = Cook Sand
    6. Forge= 2 brick piles +1 scrap metal + 2 stock wood
    7. Warehouse = 2 barricades + 2 tied metal bars ( not sure abou the order here)
    8. Raft= 2 stock wood
    9. Water filter= 1 tied metal bar + 1 scrap metal + 1 sand
    10. Greenhouse= 2 bonded metal + 2 stock wood+ 2 glass panes
    11. Glass pane= 2 glass
    12. 2 wet sand = Sand wall
    13. Metal bucket = burnin metal + rope
    14. Mill = Tied metal bar + woden barricade+ stock wood

  10. killercooltroop Says:

    I need the laz2

  11. Bucket= 2 burning metal+rope

    metal bar=scrap metal

  12. Blahblahblah Says:

    Are you admin?

  13. Blahblahblah Says:

    It’s in the map with the cargo ship

  14. superfalconpunch Says:

    How do you make Oil Drums?
    ~this is my in-game username~

  15. crystalblades Says:

    how do i make barracades

  16. crystalblades Says:

    any how do i make a car

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